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  • Brit Care Dog Hypoallergenic Adult Medium Breed

    30.11.2023 Answers: 1

    Hi, I would like to know how much magnesium "Brit Care Dog Hypoallergenic Adult Medium Breed" contains? Thank you!

    Nutrition Mixbreed

  • Sandy Kibble appearance

    5.11.2023 Answers: 1

    I have bought a package of Brit Fresh duck with millet this week, and the kibble appearance is different from usual, its like a sandy appearance... is this normal?

    Nutrition Mixbreed

  • Grainy canned food

    19.10.2023 Answers: 1

    I bought the Premium by Nature Dog canned food in Lamb flavour. When I tried to taste it, it felt like there were sands or small stones in the food. Why is that? I was expecting it to be smooth like a normal pate.

    Nutrition Australian Shepherd

  • Other products II

    17.10.2023 Answers: 1

    Hello, I'm Rodrigo from Chile, again, browsing your page I found the answer to my first question (well they never answered it), but now that I know that they have other products, I would like to know why dog food, lamb, turkey and Others do not reach Chile, since Brit Premium is in great demand???? Reggard Rodrigo

    Nutrition Fox Terrier Wire

  • Other products

    13.10.2023 Answers: 1

    Hello my name is Rodrigo, I am writing to you from Chile (South America). I have 8-month-old dogs, brothers, and one of them, Snoppy, apparently is bored with the food I feed them (Brit Premium Chicken, Puppy M), here apparently only Brit made of chicken comes, but at the same time It seems that you produce or/and manufacture food from other animals, for example Salmon, Lamb, etc. I would like to know why you don't also send those products to Chile, your products sell very well here because your products are good. Attentive to your comments, greetings. Rodrigo (PS: In order to register I had to invent the data such as the telephone number, but my email is correct)

    Others Fox Terrier Wire

  • What is meant by daily dose in your dosage calculator

    15.8.2023 Answers: 1

    Hello Martin, can you please let me know, what is meant by daily dose in your dosage calculator? Is that Grams? I got result for 11kg for adult and current age 3 month for German Spitz medium daily dose 91. But can not find unit mentioned . Is that 91 grams? The food selected was Puppy Salmon Grain-Free. Thanks

    Nutrition German Spitz Medium

  • poor quality food

    30.7.2023 Answers: 1

    good afternoon, I have been feeding my dog ​​your food for 4 years, but with one difference, I pour water over your food before feeding the dog. this year they began to send me food that differs in the quality of the granules, and for three years the food floated when it was filled with water, and now it remains at the bottom, it does not swell, the dog burps it, such food comes across once every 2 months, I already I started buying with a different name, thinking that you changed the composition in the first one. and yes, the first bag of Duck was good food, it surfaced, swollen and the dog was happy. but just now I opened a new bag and I already see the granules of poor quality, I filled them in and they don’t float, and my dog ​​will again experience heartburn or digestive problems, I swore at the stores that sold me this poor quality food, now I I am writing to you! i paid 45 euros and i want quality for my dog!!!! solve this issue! I was patient!!! but that's all, your company has slid down! I would not recommend anyone torturing their dog with your food!

    Nutrition Australian Shepherd


    26.7.2023 Answers: 1

    Is the sodium level in the fresh wet can normal? I've eaten chicken, duck, fish, and turkey myself. But I was surprised that it had a saltier taste than human food. Why does it taste so salty when it doesn't seem to have added salt? Wet cans of similar ingredients to other feed have no salty taste. It was so salty that I drank a lot of water. Is there no problem even if I take it from my dog? Or do I have to pay you with a lot of water?


  • Suitable food for Maltipoo

    21.7.2023 Answers: 1

    Hello! I have an adult medium maltipoo (mix of Maltese and poodle) and we usually feed him with Brit for small breeds and it works very well for him. However now it's really hard to get it in Belgium, so could you please advise what other Brit dry food we can use for him which will have similar size of food as for small breeds?

    Nutrition Poodle

  • Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice

    22.6.2023 Answers: 2

    Hello, I have bought your product Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice for my 10-months old Bullmastiff male. Apparently, he is allergic to the food he has consumed since his arrival to Belgrade almost 7 months ago (it was Monge Superpremium Maxi Puppy with chicken), so after seeing his blood test, he suggested to change the food and buy a Lamb & Rice product. We have opted for Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice as this food seems to meet our needs. We started to give it today and hope for positive results. I have just one question about the daily dosage, unfortunately, people in the pet shop were not able to clarify things. Our dog is 10 months and weighs 50 kg (and he is not fat), the average weight of the adult dog is about 60 kg. According to the table you provide, at the moment he should eat 510 grams per day. With Monge he ate 750 grams per day, which is a big difference, all the more so, Monge has 4,120 kkal per kg while Brit 3,550 kkal per kg. Could you please clarify things a bit, perhaps the daily dosage is subject to adjustments? Or your food is different in the way how it is metabolized? My dog eats 3 times a day and when I gave him about 170 gr instead of regular 230, he looked hungry. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    Nutrition Bullmastiff

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