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22.6.2023 Answers: 2 Anna Brankovic

Hello, I have bought your product Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice for my 10-months old Bullmastiff male. Apparently, he is allergic to the food he has consumed since his arrival to Belgrade almost 7 months ago (it was Monge Superpremium Maxi Puppy with chicken), so after seeing his blood test, he suggested to change the food and buy a Lamb & Rice product. We have opted for Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice as this food seems to meet our needs. We started to give it today and hope for positive results. I have just one question about the daily dosage, unfortunately, people in the pet shop were not able to clarify things. Our dog is 10 months and weighs 50 kg (and he is not fat), the average weight of the adult dog is about 60 kg. According to the table you provide, at the moment he should eat 510 grams per day. With Monge he ate 750 grams per day, which is a big difference, all the more so, Monge has 4,120 kkal per kg while Brit 3,550 kkal per kg. Could you please clarify things a bit, perhaps the daily dosage is subject to adjustments? Or your food is different in the way how it is metabolized? My dog eats 3 times a day and when I gave him about 170 gr instead of regular 230, he looked hungry. Thank you in advance for your answer.

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  • Anna Brankovic


    Just to add that it is new hypoallergenic series in question., so 3,850 kcal/kg


  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hello, doses of food you find out in feeding table. In first row of this table is listen expected adult body weight, in left column is actual age of dog. In intersection of appropriate row and column you find out daily dose of food for your dog. This one is dose recommended, is necessary to adapt this one to individuality of dog, its growth and body condition. Have nice day Martin Kvas


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