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  • Allergy question

    12.12.2017 | 0 comments

    Hello, I have a cat highly allergic to any form of soy and rice. Does your food Brit Care Cat - Cocco I´m Gourmand contain...

  • Distributor in Romania?

    28.11.2017 | 4 comments

    Hello. Do you have an official distributor in Romania (one that can provide your products to pet shops)? Thank you!

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Ing. Martin Kváš
Nutrition specialist

MVDr. Jan Šíma

Friends animals

  • So that the dog doesn’t idle...


    If your dog is short-haired, dress them for the outdoors in an adequate winter outfit – especially when the temperature drops to z…
  • What should you take for your...


    If you’re planning to go abroad, even just for a few days, then definitely don’t forget about the animal’s passport. When you’re p…

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