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30.7.2023 Answers: 1 Aleksandr Bedrik

good afternoon, I have been feeding my dog ​​your food for 4 years, but with one difference, I pour water over your food before feeding the dog. this year they began to send me food that differs in the quality of the granules, and for three years the food floated when it was filled with water, and now it remains at the bottom, it does not swell, the dog burps it, such food comes across once every 2 months, I already I started buying with a different name, thinking that you changed the composition in the first one. and yes, the first bag of Duck was good food, it surfaced, swollen and the dog was happy. but just now I opened a new bag and I already see the granules of poor quality, I filled them in and they don’t float, and my dog ​​will again experience heartburn or digestive problems, I swore at the stores that sold me this poor quality food, now I I am writing to you! i paid 45 euros and i want quality for my dog!!!! solve this issue! I was patient!!! but that's all, your company has slid down! I would not recommend anyone torturing their dog with your food!

Nutrition Australian Shepherd

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hi, I'm sorry about your bad experience with our products. Pls, contact my colleague responsible for quality on mail tereza.stochlova@vafo.cz. She will solve with you everything what necessary. Best regards Martin Kvas


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