Cookies are small text files that can be saved to the visitor’s computer, tablet or phone via the web browser. They are used to store information on preferences and activities on websites, thus helping to significantly improve the user experience. Upon repeated visit, this information is sent back to the web server, which allows to provide the customer with relevant content and the operator with feedback to improve their services.

Cookies are used by the vast majority of websites and they are not used to collect sensitive person information or to identify a particular person. The application of cookies is wide – from saving personal settings such as your preferred language or currency, through traffic measurements to more accurate ads based on the user’s behaviour.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be divided by their lifetime:

Temporary (session cookies) – are cleared from your device after you close your browser. They allow to store information when you move from one site to another, and they eliminate the need to enter certain data again.

Permanent (persistent cookies) – they stay in your device after you close the browser and the duration of their storage depends on their or your device’s settings. This type of cookies is used to identify the user when they revisit the web site.

Additionally, cookies are categorized based on who creates and processes them:

First party cookies – these cookies are created by a script running on the same domain, and they are used mainly to provide basic functionality of the website, to analyse its traffic, etc.

Third party cookies – these cookies are created by a script uploaded to the website from elsewhere (e.g. through a small transparent picture), and they allow to track the user across domains. This type of cookies is used, for example, by various ad systems or social networks.

Which cookies do we use on this site?

The cookies we store on your device serve three main purposes:

Technical support (both short-term and long-term first-party cookies) – these cookies are necessary to provide basic functionality of the website. These are, in particular, “session ID” cookies (PHPSESSID) that allow pairing the data on the server with the data of a specific device or user. Without this type of cookies, we would not be able to save items already added to the basket before you complete your order, or maintain the logged-in user when they browse the website. Furthermore, we use cookies, for example, to save the information about your preferred language or the display of the pop-up window.

Traffic analysis (long-term first-party cookies) – these cookies are used to store the behaviour of the website’s visitors. We use the advanced Google Analytics tool to obtain statistical data stored by two particular cookies (_ga, _gid). The other tool we use is Smartlook for anonymous tracking of the website’s visitors and storing of a number of cookies (SL_C_...).

Ad campaigns targeting (long-term third-party cookies) – these cookies allow dynamic remarketing and therefore accurate targeting of ads for our visitors. In particular, these cookies are from Facebook Pixel and AdWords.

How to modify the use of cookies?

In case you disagree with the use of cookies on your device, you have the option to manually remove the individual cookies, block or completely disable their use; cookies can also be blocked or allowed only for specific websites or according to their type. Detailed information about the settings for cookies can be found on the website for the specific browser.