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  • Registrace

    29.9.2022 Answers: 2

    Dobrý den,zaregistrovala jsem se, ale plemeno anglický kokršpaněl se zde nenachází. Kde najdu svoji kartu registrace k opravě plemene a později i váhy psa? Děkuji Haasová

    Others Australian Shepherd

  • Brit Grain Free Veterinary Diets Dog Gastrointestinal

    21.8.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello, my dog has a very sensitive digestion. He used to eat First Choice for adult dogs. Right now we can't find it and the only food he feels good with and he really likes it is Brit Grain Free Veterinary Diets Dog Gastrointestinal. Is it okay for him to eat it every day for six months? As I can see from the recommendations, it can be given up to 3 weeks. Please advise. Brit Grain Free Veterinary Diets Dog Gastrointestinal, 2 kg:

    Others Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • A food size

    7.8.2022 Answers: 1

    Hi! So I have an amazing cat Maine coon, and since the beginning I feed him with the Brit food. He loves everything with salmon)) i’ve been buying the hypoallergenic food for him just cs the pieces of the food itself are bigger than regular and it is comfortable for him to eat. I know that there is Brit for a big cats, but unfortunately, can’t find it in Israel. So I would be very grateful if u tell me- if there is any other option in a cats food line where the pieces of the dry food would be bigger than regular..? Cs lately I can’t even find a hypoallergenic food.. and I really don’t want to go for royal canine.. thanks in advance!

    Education Maine Coon Cat

  • Lamb wet food

    1.8.2022 Answers: 1

    I wabt to ask about the lamb wet food, since my cat is allergic to chicken protein, what kind of other proteins are in that food and what percentage? if it is just chicken liver so no muscle meat, I can try it, he should be fine. Also I need to know the percentage of phosporus in the food please? It looks ideal for my cat otherwise! thank you

    Nutrition Turkish Angora

  • Restroom Misbehaviour

    24.2.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello! I have a behaviour question, maybe you can help me figure out what is happening. My 7 month male rough collie is a very smart dog and behaves very well, except for one thing which is happening lately. As as puppy, he soon learned to pee and poo in the pads so before and after he could walk at the street everything was perfect. Then we moved from a flat to a house with a garden and he was even more happy, as he could run and play at the garden all day, although we keep walking outside every day (we now live at the countryside and we do a long walk around 2 hours). Lately he suddenly found a spot to pee on our carpet at night (during the day he always does it at the garden or outside when we are walking), he doesn't do it every night but often enough to completely ruin the carpet. He perfectly knows he should do it in the pads (we did some trips with him and he never missed them) but at home he is always doing it in that same spot. Why is this happening? Any clues? We finally had to lock him in the kitchen at nights, and then he is back on the pads (not using them every night, but when he needs them he uses them). I would prefer not to lock him out of the living room, there's much more room for him and also that makes me lock the cat as well. Yes, there's a cat too, she was home before him so she was there all the time. They don't get along very well but I don't think that's the problem: the dog wants to play but the cat is older and doesn't so she just ignores him; also when the dog was a small puppy was afraid of the cat, but now the dog is 3 times bigger so it's the cat who is scared of the dog. Any hints would be much appreciated, thank you so much!!

    Education Rough Collie

  • Food recommendation and dosage

    24.2.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello! I'm a proud owner of a beautiful Rough Collie called Merlot. He is now 7 months old and weights 15 kg. He loves Brit Care Grain-free Puppy Salmon & Potato, his breeder recommended it and it's the only food he had. I have 2 questions I would be thankful if you help me with: - What is the recommended dosage for the following months? (7 to 12 months). - What food would you recommend for him after 12 months? I guess we should move from puppy food to junior or maybe adult.. Thanks a lot for your great work!!

    Nutrition Rough Collie

  • Veterinarian

    9.2.2022 Answers: 2

    Good evening, Lately i am buying your company britcare sensitive food for my dog. As a veterinarian, I want to ask why the ingredients of the food do not indicate the percentage of taurine. Im asking because grain free foods according to research lead to DCM due to lack of taurine.

    Nutrition Mixbreed

  • Nutrition for Skin and Digestion Care

    28.1.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello, i have a calico (tricolor) female cat and we use Brit Care for Sterilized (hypo-allergenic fresh rabbit) dry food formula. After using Brit Premium for Kittens, she is shedding less hair now, weight is under control.. we are happy. But minor skin wounds mostly on ears area keep appearing time to time, she has a very sensitive skin. Additionally this one is a little harder to eat, maybe a little too much solid, she can't chew much and vomits too often after. So, what would you recommend to prevent hair loss and no vomiting everywhere :) Thank you so much

    Nutrition European Shorthair Cat

  • Fake ır original

    17.1.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello I bought brit care for sterilised cat food from online. How do I check if the product is Original brit care or counterfeit?


  • Calorie intake

    10.1.2022 Answers: 1

    I recently transfered my dog into Brit Premium Chiken Junior M dog food from Royal Canine medium puppy dog food and I noticed that the portions were a lot different (f.e. Royal Canin recomends 269g of food per day with 414 kcal/100 g and Brit recommends 162g of food per day with 398 kcal/ 100g). My question is if I should feed my puppy with the recommended dosage or should I match the previous calories?

    Nutrition Mixbreed

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