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Good evening, Lately i am buying your company britcare sensitive food for my dog. As a veterinarian, I want to ask why the ingredients of the food do not indicate the percentage of taurine. Im asking because grain free foods according to research lead to DCM due to lack of taurine.

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, latest scientific opinion of FDA suggests, that reason of DCM are not grain-free foods, but foods with low content of animal ingredients. All our products contain at least 75% of animal proteins from all proteins of foods. That means, all our products are sufficient source of taurine. So far we have not seen any case of DCM in dogs fed our feeds But we know this situation. We will add taurine into our all new foods. Best regards Martin Kvas


  • Elena Benito


    This is actually happening to one of our cats, and we've been feeding them with Orijen / Acana since day 1 (10 years ago). I do think the levels of taurine and CARNITINE are too low in dried and canned food since 1960s. Carnitine deficiency causes DCM, and skeletal/muscular pain, etc, which is happening to my cat. Carnitine patent to be added to non-human animal food was approved in the 90s, because of that reason. Still, the amounts are too low to just pass the international standard. I hope you can consider this and improve the amounts of L-carnitine in your food, especially the senior one. We would be happy clients, not needing further medical supplementation with a premium cat food that seems to be quality food. Thank YOU


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