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  • A food size

    7.8.2022 Answers: 1

    Hi! So I have an amazing cat Maine coon, and since the beginning I feed him with the Brit food. He loves everything with salmon)) i’ve been buying the hypoallergenic food for him just cs the pieces of the food itself are bigger than regular and it is comfortable for him to eat. I know that there is Brit for a big cats, but unfortunately, can’t find it in Israel. So I would be very grateful if u tell me- if there is any other option in a cats food line where the pieces of the dry food would be bigger than regular..? Cs lately I can’t even find a hypoallergenic food.. and I really don’t want to go for royal canine.. thanks in advance!

    Education Maine Coon Cat

  • New food combination for allergy suffers

    8.6.2020 Answers: 1

    Hi. My cat loves your wet food, but she has an allergy to chicken. It is impossible to feed fish wet food for a long time because of problems with the kidneys, and from beef and peas, she had problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Please introduce or review wet cat food. We use Brit Care and want to remain your customers further. Please enter beef feed without chicken and legumes, soy products. Are you planning to introduce new wet food Brit Care for cats allergies? Thanks in advance.

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