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24.2.2022 Answers: 1 Angel Baena

Hello! I'm a proud owner of a beautiful Rough Collie called Merlot. He is now 7 months old and weights 15 kg. He loves Brit Care Grain-free Puppy Salmon & Potato, his breeder recommended it and it's the only food he had. I have 2 questions I would be thankful if you help me with: - What is the recommended dosage for the following months? (7 to 12 months). - What food would you recommend for him after 12 months? I guess we should move from puppy food to junior or maybe adult.. Thanks a lot for your great work!!

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
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    Hello, recommended daily dose is listed in feeding table. In first row is listed expected body wight, in left column is actual weight of dog. In intersection od apropriate row and column is recommended daily dose. Is necessary to adapt this one to individuality of the dog, mainly to its growth and condition. In adulthhood of the dog you can continue with foods based on fish meat - Brit Care Adult Salmon, Brit Care Insect, Carnilove Salmon, Carnilove True Fresh Fish. There are many posibilities Have nice day Martin Kváš


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