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    13.10.2023 Answers: 1

    Hello my name is Rodrigo, I am writing to you from Chile (South America). I have 8-month-old dogs, brothers, and one of them, Snoppy, apparently is bored with the food I feed them (Brit Premium Chicken, Puppy M), here apparently only Brit made of chicken comes, but at the same time It seems that you produce or/and manufacture food from other animals, for example Salmon, Lamb, etc. I would like to know why you don't also send those products to Chile, your products sell very well here because your products are good. Attentive to your comments, greetings. Rodrigo (PS: In order to register I had to invent the data such as the telephone number, but my email is correct)

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  • Registrace

    29.9.2022 Answers: 2

    Dobrý den,zaregistrovala jsem se, ale plemeno anglický kokršpaněl se zde nenachází. Kde najdu svoji kartu registrace k opravě plemene a později i váhy psa? Děkuji Haasová

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  • Brit Grain Free Veterinary Diets Dog Gastrointestinal

    21.8.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello, my dog has a very sensitive digestion. He used to eat First Choice for adult dogs. Right now we can't find it and the only food he feels good with and he really likes it is Brit Grain Free Veterinary Diets Dog Gastrointestinal. Is it okay for him to eat it every day for six months? As I can see from the recommendations, it can be given up to 3 weeks. Please advise. Brit Grain Free Veterinary Diets Dog Gastrointestinal, 2 kg:

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  • Breeder

    22.10.2021 Answers: 1

    Hi Brit Petfood. Is it possible to buy your petfood with breeders benefits? I can’t find info anywhere I would like to feed all my dogs Brit, and also give a little bag of food with the puppy, when it travels to a new home, where can I get this? Kind regards

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  • Sterilized fillets in gravy

    13.6.2021 Answers: 0

    We are very disappointed with the quality of this pet food. Most of it is water in a plastic bag, wich is very bad for the planet and also leaves cats hungry. As customers we feel very disappointed that Brit care chose to sell mostly water in a bag breaking our trust. We won't be buying it in the future.


  • Lebanon contact number

    10.3.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello, We would like to get in touch with your distributors in Lebanon, sales department. Marc

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  • Composition

    14.2.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello! Yesterday I bought Brit Premium Chicken and Turkey wet food for cats from a store in Turkey(country) and there was confusion in the packet labels. Meanwhile, the composition panel in the backside of the original product says the food consists of the following =%78 animal derivatives(%8 chicken,%8 turkey) , derivatives of vegetable origin (0,4 inulin),minerals the sticker posted by the distributor in local language says it includes %36 animal derivatives(%4 Chicken,%4 Turkey),%35 of derivatives of vegetable origins(%0,4 inulin). Why is that ?

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  • Exp date

    9.2.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello, ı’m from Turkey and I bought a packe of brit care premium by nature today.But the exp date is not written on the package.Could you direct me plase that where it should be written?

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  • Shipping order to Bulgaria

    8.2.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello I really like your dog canned food but is extremely hard to find it here in Bulgaria and some shops put 100% over priced. Is there a way to order your food directly from you we are both in EU so there is no restrictions.

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  • Kibble size - Brit Sensitive

    30.12.2020 Answers: 0

    Hi. We've been giving Brit Lamb & Rice Sensitive to our young male dog as he has often suffered from diarrhoea. It has really sorted this problem out and he enjoys the food. However, recently, we've found that the kibble in the15kg bag has now got much bigger (at least doubled in size) while the kibble in the 3kg bag is still small. Unfortunately, he won't eat the large kibble. So my question is - why is the kibble size different when buying a large or small bag of the same product? And is this a temporary blip in your production? We really hope to be able to buy large bags with the original small kibble in the future.

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