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  • Expiry date meaning

    24.11.2022 Answers: 1

    Hi what is the meaning of the expiry date on the 7kg package of Britcare Indoor Anti Stress for cats? Please explain how long can I use this product regarding the expiry date on the package. Thanks!


  • Nutritional info about Senior Weight Control cat food

    29.9.2022 Answers: 5

    Hi I've been feeding my cats with Orijen (and Acana) for all these years, with a terrible exception for this summer with Farmina Lamb and Blueberries, with high impact on their weight. We have discovered a potential cardiopathy in one of my cats, and the vet says to go for Virbac W1, I don't like the idea... I have bought for the first time Brit Care Senior Weight Control, they seem to like it. I see it has a bit more carnitine than Orijen (50mg vs 33mg) but we fear that's too little everyday for a 70mg daily serve. Taurine amount in your weight control food seems to be... fine (unsure). I'd like to know more about Brit Care Senior Weight Control cat food, to be able to do a fair comparison: 1) Energy density: how many of the kcal/kg comes from proteins? fat? carbs? 2) Out of the proteins, what's the % of protein coming from animals? 3) Where is the meat coming from? sustainable farms with run-free chickens? industrial farms? Which country? Czech Republic or other? 4) How much protein comes from fresh meat (and heart, liver, etc)? 5) Does it contain any sugar? 6) The cardiopathies in cats and dogs are mostly caused by food, in many cases because the daily intake of taurine and especially carnitine is too low. Are you thinking about increasing the L-carnitine amount in your weight control series? 7) Any support for joints? 8) Humidity level? Thank YOU for helping us understand!

    Nutrition Russian Blue Cat

  • Lamb wet food

    1.8.2022 Answers: 1

    I wabt to ask about the lamb wet food, since my cat is allergic to chicken protein, what kind of other proteins are in that food and what percentage? if it is just chicken liver so no muscle meat, I can try it, he should be fine. Also I need to know the percentage of phosporus in the food please? It looks ideal for my cat otherwise! thank you

    Nutrition Turkish Angora

  • Nutrition for Skin and Digestion Care

    28.1.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello, i have a calico (tricolor) female cat and we use Brit Care for Sterilized (hypo-allergenic fresh rabbit) dry food formula. After using Brit Premium for Kittens, she is shedding less hair now, weight is under control.. we are happy. But minor skin wounds mostly on ears area keep appearing time to time, she has a very sensitive skin. Additionally this one is a little harder to eat, maybe a little too much solid, she can't chew much and vomits too often after. So, what would you recommend to prevent hair loss and no vomiting everywhere :) Thank you so much

    Nutrition European Shorthair Cat

  • which cat food

    9.1.2022 Answers: 1

    Şeker is a siamese + 12 years sterilised and overweight cat. He has sensitive stomach he throws out the undigested food right after he eats. Which cat food should I order?

    Nutrition Siamese Cat

  • About Cat Food Ingredients

    5.8.2021 Answers: 1

    I'm considering buying brit care or brit premium cat food for my cat, but I have a question. Looking at your options, your Carni Love dog food and a puppy treat includes pig. Are these products made in the same factory as the cat food? If they are produced in the same factory, are they likely to pass through the same line? If there is such a possibility, your food may contain pork. I wanted to make sure.

    Nutrition Turkish Angora

  • Brit Care Cat GF Sterilized Urinary Health

    29.6.2021 Answers: 1

    Hello! Can I use the pet food "Brit Care Cat GF Sterilized Urinary Health" long time for my cat (like regular nutrition) or this pet food is used only like a diet nutrition for short time?


  • Ill cat

    24.5.2021 Answers: 0

    Dear Sir/Madam I've been buying your cata food for several years in the Epicenter store in the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine. the last purchase turned out to be a big problem. It's called for sterilized cats. The last packages varied in size, color and shape. but I decided that the manufacturer had changed something in the recipe and did not attach any importance. But I'd better thrown it away. I bought 3 packs, the cats have eaten (I have two cats) 2 packs. So, after the first one, they became weak, looked different then before it. When they've started the second pack, one of the cats was covered with wounds, he literally began to rot. wool began to crawl out of his wounds in tufts. he began to die. The second cat was stronger and just got some problems with his liver because of this food. the veterinarian diagnosed food poisoning and forbade this cat food. we treat a cat for wounds, allergies, we also treat his liver. the food in the package was different. it could have been dog food or just a cheap fake or any other food, but not the one I paid for. I don't want other animals to get hurt. I ask you to find the culprit and take action. The food is not cheap for a simple Ukrainian but we do care about our animals, so we buy only good food for them. This situation made us confused. Thank you for your time and attention! Respecrfully, Lily


  • Cat has soft stools with Britcare Sunny?

    7.4.2021 Answers: 0

    Hi. My cat just started with Britcare Sunny about a month ago but her stools are softer with it? Almost no shape and it is stinkier than her usual stools. Is there something that might be irritating her stomach with Britcare Sunny?

    Nutrition Persian Cat

  • lilly I’ve sensitive digestion

    25.1.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello, my cat has a lot of digestion issues and we have tried several brands and foods but the one that seems to work better is Lilly I’ve sensitive digestion hypoalergenic lamb and salmon grain free formula. Has this item been discontinued? because I can’t find it in the web page even though my veterinary still has it.


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