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  • Nutritional info about Senior Weight Control cat food

    29.9.2022 Answers: 5

    Hi I've been feeding my cats with Orijen (and Acana) for all these years, with a terrible exception for this summer with Farmina Lamb and Blueberries, with high impact on their weight. We have discovered a potential cardiopathy in one of my cats, and the vet says to go for Virbac W1, I don't like the idea... I have bought for the first time Brit Care Senior Weight Control, they seem to like it. I see it has a bit more carnitine than Orijen (50mg vs 33mg) but we fear that's too little everyday for a 70mg daily serve. Taurine amount in your weight control food seems to be... fine (unsure). I'd like to know more about Brit Care Senior Weight Control cat food, to be able to do a fair comparison: 1) Energy density: how many of the kcal/kg comes from proteins? fat? carbs? 2) Out of the proteins, what's the % of protein coming from animals? 3) Where is the meat coming from? sustainable farms with run-free chickens? industrial farms? Which country? Czech Republic or other? 4) How much protein comes from fresh meat (and heart, liver, etc)? 5) Does it contain any sugar? 6) The cardiopathies in cats and dogs are mostly caused by food, in many cases because the daily intake of taurine and especially carnitine is too low. Are you thinking about increasing the L-carnitine amount in your weight control series? 7) Any support for joints? 8) Humidity level? Thank YOU for helping us understand!

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  • Allergy question

    12.12.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello, I have a cat highly allergic to any form of soy and rice. Does your food Brit Care Cat - Cocco I´m Gourmand contain any amount of it? I have seen it says no soy but does it contain soy/rice oils, milk, powder, etc ? Thanks

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