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  • Peas

    15.2.2023 Answers: 1

    It would be great if peas were removed from the new formulas. Are you planning to completely throw out the old food formulas? Due to the absence of peas, I switched to your food, you are one of the few who did not use it

    Education Australian Shepherd

  • Hypoallergenic dog food

    4.11.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello, please my dog has a common skin disorder (inflammation-atopic dermatitises) this condition only occurred when summer begin. I know that the treatment will take long but meanwhile i need a type of food that you have for allergy, and skin treatments (with L-carnitine), in order to prevent more damage to the skin during summer. Thank you for your help.

    Education Belgian Shepherd - Malinois

  • Brit care large breed lamb&rice

    29.10.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello please can i mix brit care large breed lamb&rice dry food with lukewarm water for my Belgian malinois? Thank you


  • A food size

    7.8.2022 Answers: 1

    Hi! So I have an amazing cat Maine coon, and since the beginning I feed him with the Brit food. He loves everything with salmon)) i’ve been buying the hypoallergenic food for him just cs the pieces of the food itself are bigger than regular and it is comfortable for him to eat. I know that there is Brit for a big cats, but unfortunately, can’t find it in Israel. So I would be very grateful if u tell me- if there is any other option in a cats food line where the pieces of the dry food would be bigger than regular..? Cs lately I can’t even find a hypoallergenic food.. and I really don’t want to go for royal canine.. thanks in advance!

    Education Maine Coon Cat

  • Restroom Misbehaviour

    24.2.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello! I have a behaviour question, maybe you can help me figure out what is happening. My 7 month male rough collie is a very smart dog and behaves very well, except for one thing which is happening lately. As as puppy, he soon learned to pee and poo in the pads so before and after he could walk at the street everything was perfect. Then we moved from a flat to a house with a garden and he was even more happy, as he could run and play at the garden all day, although we keep walking outside every day (we now live at the countryside and we do a long walk around 2 hours). Lately he suddenly found a spot to pee on our carpet at night (during the day he always does it at the garden or outside when we are walking), he doesn't do it every night but often enough to completely ruin the carpet. He perfectly knows he should do it in the pads (we did some trips with him and he never missed them) but at home he is always doing it in that same spot. Why is this happening? Any clues? We finally had to lock him in the kitchen at nights, and then he is back on the pads (not using them every night, but when he needs them he uses them). I would prefer not to lock him out of the living room, there's much more room for him and also that makes me lock the cat as well. Yes, there's a cat too, she was home before him so she was there all the time. They don't get along very well but I don't think that's the problem: the dog wants to play but the cat is older and doesn't so she just ignores him; also when the dog was a small puppy was afraid of the cat, but now the dog is 3 times bigger so it's the cat who is scared of the dog. Any hints would be much appreciated, thank you so much!!

    Education Rough Collie

  • Fake ır original

    17.1.2022 Answers: 1

    Hello I bought brit care for sterilised cat food from online. How do I check if the product is Original brit care or counterfeit?


  • Airtight of packaging Brit Care

    25.2.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello. Could you tell us about the Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice packaging When I bought it I saw packaging had air. Should the packaging be airtight before opening? Or the packaging already has holes through which the packaging breathes during transportation?


  • Most proper food for sphynx

    30.1.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello, I own canadian sphynx female 3 y.o .She is active and healthy. In good condition. I fed her brit care cocco im gourmand last years. I would like to get reccomendations what kind of food do you suggest as this meal is no longer on sale instead of it. Also we are planing litter in future and i would like to know if there is any proper food for pregnant cat. Thank You in advance.

    Education Sphynx

  • What after Brit Care Gastrointestinal

    28.1.2021 Answers: 0

    Hello... we've been having some stomach issues as my giant schnauzer 1yo swallowed a rag. After 3 months of all kind of vet's they finally put her under RTG with contrast fluid  she is having Brit care gastrointestinal food but she doesn't gain weight at all.... chicken is a bit of a problem for her poo ???? ???? what can I give her after this gastro food as she needs to gain weight ASAP... she's been having this "rag" issue for 3 months and she lost a lot of weight.   Thank you for your prompt answer  Kind regards Cvita Marijeta Bezmalinović

    Education Giant Schnauzer

  • Appropriate food

    29.12.2020 Answers: 0

    Hello, I have an 11 years old, 8 kg, male dachshund. I want to try canned version of Brit Fresh chicken with sweet potato and Brit Fresh turkey with peas. Are they an appropriate choice for a senior dog and what must be his daily feeding in grams with these series?

    Education Dachshund Smooth haired

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