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  • Brit Care or Brit Fresh

    27.7.2020 Answers: 1

    Hi, 1. Brit care or Brit fresh is better and healthier for 4 months old Rottweiler puppy? 2. Can I purchase Brit fresh adult Food for my 4 months old Rottweiler puppy? There is no large puppy beef available in my area. Which of the remaining you recommend? (Chicken,Turkey,duck,fish) Thank you

    Nutrition Rottweiler

  • Distributor in Belgium

    30.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Hi! I would like to know to you have any other distributor in Belgium, as the one You have is not answering either his email or phone (Rohnny Vanoirbeek Davidstraat 50 B3806 Velm T: +32 (0)11 68 75 22 M: +32 (0)497 62 57 57 F: +32 (0)11 69 19 26). Bought Brit food in one of the local dog shows, my senior loves it and I would love to buy more yet I find it impossible to do as the person clearly is not interested in selling to individuals. Is there's any other way I could buy this food in Belgium? Any other shop/vet corner/distributor? Thank You in advance, G.

    Others Rottweiler

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