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Hi! I've been buying Brit Care senior sensitive light for the past couple of years for my dog and been happy with it. However, I noticed the kibble color has changed, its much lighter than usual (exp. 18.06.2021 LQ191218A17) Additionally, ever since I started giving my dog this bag she is experiencing loose stool /slight diarrhea, no changes in her diet. Did something happen to this batch in particular or did the composition change?

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, pls, I need some additional info. How fast You transit Your dog to new food? How long You fed Your dog to first symptoms od bad stool. Did You use pribiotics? Colour of granules depends on ingredients, it has no impact on qualtiy of foods. We do not change receipt of food. Best regards


    • Karol Kajtár


      Thank you for your quick answer. Perhaps I wasn't clear,it's not new food she's been eating this for years. It's just that it looks different now and apparently feels different to her stomach as well.


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