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Hello! I have a cane corso puppy, he is 4 months old and 15 kg. Since 1 week I’m feeding him with the Lamb & Rice Puppy, but i’m not sure about the feeding table. How many g should i gave him daily? He seems hungry always and he also has diarrhea. Thank you!

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, feeding dose You find in feeding table. In first line of this table is listed expected adult body weight, in left column is actual age of your dog. In intersection of appropriate line and column You find recommended daily dose of food for your dog. This dose is necessary adapt to individuality of your g. Young animals necessary feed so their growth correspond with typical growth curve od appropriate breed. Actually is better to use for Your dog Brit Care Junior Large. Best regards Martin Kvas


  • Ray Aquilina


    I have a female Cane Corso 17 weeks old weighing 15 kg. I started giving her ‘Brit Premium by nature Junior L’ following your table however their must be something wrong since the table recommends daily food intake of 350 grams and my puppy is remaining hungry even though I increased daily food intake to 600 grams for the past week. Even so that she is resorting to eating her own pooh if I do not manage to remove it immediately. Another issue I had was that first couple of days excretion was solid and then become mostly soft. Thank you, Ray Aquilina


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