Russian Black Terrier


Russian Black Terrier - Group II. Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss mountain and cattle dogs.

General Appearance:

It is absolutely fearless character, with a natural tendency toward a certain aggression (mostly manifested in individuals of Russian origin), but it can effectively dampen wide early socialization and gentle, but perfectly consistent training commenced at an early age. It is intelligent, obedient, well-balanced, sensible, proactive, to train well, resolutely defending, if necessary, the owner and its family members.  Typical   for this breed is swift and purposeful defence reaction. It is suspicious of strangers. With children, it is getting very well and is very tolerant to them


With pets, especially small (cat, ferret, guinea pig, rat, etc.) it must be accustomed since youth. Education is not quite easy, although it is docile and industrious. It also appropriately requires clear and dominant behaviour. It is suitable only for those gifted natural authority, able to be in any situation peacefully exercise, quiet, discreet, patient, acting quite consistently that already have some previous experience with training and guidance these dogs. It is essential to know exactly what it can and cannot do. It only depends on the consistency of the owner.

Experienced trainer who has successfully prepared for final exams with several German Shepherds, however it should not assume that he will be successful with Terrier with the same successful methodology   of training. Its character is the foundation is completely different. Sensitive to intonation (not intensity!) voice, which must be absolutely clear, in both - praise and in rebuke. Punishment is not appropriate, leads to obstinacy and unwillingness to cooperate .Black Terrier is tough and very durable dog that can be (when improperly conducted education, unnecessary punishment) and very adamant.

It is also very active, tenacious and loves to move. Jogging suits it with bike, it likes swimming. It is very capable as a defender, by experienced trainer in all disciplines of sports training and service. While practicing defence but not for this dog, practising with other breeds to develop training events malice - this could lead to undesired inciting of aggression.


It's a big dog robust and athletic physique, strong constitution, strong bones and massive muscles to be at first glance the epitome of extraordinary activity and strength. Construction of the body must be proportional and size of head should correspond to the total size of the individual and the volume and depth of chest.

Secondary sexual characteristics are evident, the dog must be at first look distinguish from female and vice versa. It is necessary that the facial expression corresponded sexes. Males are impressively large, with a characteristic expression. Their body structure is more compact than in females.

Height at wither, male is 72-76 (min. 70 and max. 78) cm and female is 68-72 (min. 66 and max. 74) cm. A little larger size can be tolerated only in perfectly proportional individuals of excellent breed type.

Nose is large, black-coloured. Lips are thick and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth. They should be ticked, their edges are black. Teeth require large, white and stored in the jaws tightly next to one another, it is desirable to complete dentition (consisting of 42 teeth) and a scissor bite.

Croup should be broad, well-muscled, medium length, slightly sloping. The tail is set high, thick at the root for a gay (upward) supported, but not as squirrels, which means that it may no longer directed from the root of the spine.

Chest should be long, deep (reaching the elbow or even slightly below) wide, formed slightly arched ribs, so it has to imaginary oval cross-section shape. Breastbone is a long and chest appears when viewed from the front of the shoulder joints and must be adequately muscled.

Paws are large, compact (closed), round shape. The pads and nails must be black.

The coat should be hard and thick and consists of an outer coat and undercoat. The top coat is rough, thick and slightly wavy and covers the entire surface of the body. The undercoat should be short, soft and very dense. Guard hairs untreated hair is reaching a length of 5-15 cm. Hair on head create rich eyebrows, sideburns and a beard. Limbs are covered with long hair, whose adjustment to the correct form is desirable. Overall, the grooming emphasizes behavioural foundation of the breed and its strength has to be extremely decorative. They must emphasize the power of the head, flat face, adjacent earlobes, neck strength and the corresponding build.

The longest hair is left on the limbs and muzzle. Eyebrows should be thick, covers the eyes and the nasal bridge coincides with a beard. Longer hair on the neck and withers are called-mane. Forequarters from the elbow to the foot are covered with long coarse hair on the hind is the same coat from the thigh to the foot.

Coat colour should be black, but black subtly mixing grey hairs are also permissible. Streaked colouration may not cover more than 1/3 of the surface of the dog or bitch.

Faults from the standard must be considered a fault and accurately assessed by the degree of expression with regard to health, well-being and ability to work employing individuals for the purposes for which the breed was bred.

Defects include a round skull, partial  no pigmentation of the lips, teeth small or disorganized in the lower jaw in a row, eyes rounded, slightly lighter colour, oblique or close together saved, neck too short or too little muscular, not protruding  withers, back narrow or movement shaky, shoulders excessively long, narrow or insufficiently muscled steeply angled, forearms short, elbows and feet turning in or out, insteps sickle bent, move in step "scattered", cover hair soft and short, rusty tinge paint top coat missing undercoat.

The serious defects include deviations from the sexual type, timidity or excessive excitability, Head short or light, visible third eyelid, light coloured eyes, stern horizontal or sloping, chest shallow or short, "squirrel" tail , forearm movement restricted, sluggish or heavy, silky topcoat.