French Tricolour Hound


French Tricolour Hound -Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Large sized hounds.

General Appearance:

This is an excellent hunting dog-a specialist in hunting of deer and roe deer incitement in the pack, but it can also be used to hunt other animals. Like every real pack Hound's it is able to develop a considerable speed, and for a considerable period of time. When it is hunting is very vigorous and hardy.

It is characterized by considerable intelligence and relatively easy trainability. Perfect compatibility with other dogs, which is typical for pack hound, it is not typical for this breed. It tends to behave to other dogs dominantly and aggressively.

When it is not hunting, it is calm and obedient. To the owner and his family it is faithful and loyal. It behaves to them always nice and friendly. As a security guard and a vigorous defender, however, you cannot count.


To be a social dog also there must be provided early socialization that must start at an early age, owner must focus on its undesirable trait. It may be significantly muted, sheer consistency and appropriate authority of the owner, who must be for the dog the right and sole leader of the "pack" at all times stern, forceful and always fair.


This is an elegant, well-built and muscular dog. Height at withers, male is from 62 to 72 cm and female is from  60 to 68 cm. The head is not too strong but moderately long. Skull should be slightly arched above, spacious, with a strong occipital part.

Nose required black with wide open nostrils. Lips are fairly deep, deeper than the Poitevin hound, thereby providing the muzzle slightly boxy shape.

Eyes should be intelligent expression, big, brown. Sometimes they can be framed in black. The earlobes are quite wide, wider than the Poitevin hounds, set at eye level, slightly curled corkscrew, never too soft, so long that it stretched forward to reach the base of the nose (which is preferred), or the width of two fingers from her.

The neck is long, quite strong, often with a hint of dewlap.

Tail fairly long, carried high and gracefully.

The forelegs are straight and parallel, strong. Shoulders should be long and must fit tightly to its chest. The hindquarters should be properly shaped hip. Thighs long and well muscled, hocks powerful, low over the base, slightly bent, feet dry.

Colouration is tricolour, white-black and tan, with more or less extensive black "jacket". Preference is given to deep copper hue of tan. Blackish tan markings on cheeks and lips or the blue or tan dots on the limbs or the trunk are not very desirable. Sable ("greying" called-grizzly) shade of blackness is admissible.

Faults include: overshot or undershot jaw, bright eyes, ears too flat, very short or excessively high on the head, limbs weak or occupying incorrect position, hocks too steeply bent, coarse (too big) feet, all signs resembling affect blood English Hounds (especially in the type of head), head smoky coloured (proves crossing with black-and-white French hound) and any colour other than specified in the standard.