Finnish Hound


Finnish Hound-Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

Character is a quiet, friendly, modest, affable and lively dog  that is never even a bit aggressive and it is very good with children.

When hunting it is a very energetic, eager and passionate, even for it in a very difficult climate and terrain conditions - it is very tenacious and persistent dog. When it is working on the track it behaves totally independently and skill-fully, it is following it with great enthusiasm, absolutely reliably even at quarries, loud report (barking).
If the dog is bred as a social dog, it is very difficult e.g. movement, it requires a long and hearty walks. When it gets a scent, but if it is a reliable recalled, it does not obey. It is for it a stimulus that completely dominates all other stimuli.

Free range is possible, like most other hounds only solidly fenced property (secured with a fence against the burrow). When contact with unfamiliar dogs it tends to behave dominantly. That is why during walks it is better when a leash has.


It's a medium-sized, rather leggy tricolour coloured dog shortly rectangular body frame. The length is slightly greater than height at withers. It has to be 1.1: 1. Height at withers, male is from 55 to 61 cm and female is from 52 to 58 cm, the ideal is considered in dogs range from 57 to 59 cm and in females between 54-56 cm.

The construction of the body is solid, but not coarse (heavy). The area of the substrate, the dog takes the position either as long as its body, or slightly longer. The forelegs are apart when viewed from the front as far as the broad chest, pelvis when viewed from behind, apart minimum such as the chest. Secondary sexual characteristics must be marked so the dog has to be at first look to distinguish from females and vice versa.

Head when viewed from the front along the entire length of the same wide and slightly arched above the skull which is equal to the depth (height) and width. When viewed from the side, the topline in the imaginary extension of the line of the nose to the forehead slightly arched. Longitudinal front furrow must be barely noticeable.

Nose must be black, large, wide open nostrils and nasal movable wings. Jaws are strong, teeth large and symmetrically. Teeth are required to complete bite should be tight scissors.

Eyes should be medium-sized, dark brown and slightly oval in shape and facing forward. They may never be protruding. Their expression is serene. The rims are black. The earlobes should be suspended, flat and set  that the front edges close to head, while the rear projecting, so the tops facing nearly forward. They are set at the level of the connector nose and outer eye corners. If violently stretched forward it is reaching over half the length of the muzzle.

The tail is deep, long and slightly curved so that it reaches the hock. At the root has to be strong, pointed at the end. At rest is carried hanging along the hind legs, the movement can be carried higher, but not above the topline of the body. Its coat is the same as on the body.

Chest should be long and deep so that it reaches to the elbows. Its depth corresponds to 2.1 of height at withers. The forelegs are seen from the side enough angulations, seen from the front straight and parallel. Feet should be slightly oval in shape with a high arched and tight toes, strong nails and resilient pads, to be black, and the sides of heavily coated.

The hindquarters are strong, when viewed from the proper angulations. The front edge creates an elegant, smooth curve. When viewed from the back should be straight and parallel. Feet are the same as the forequarters.

The body coat consists of a top coat and undercoat. The outer coat is moderately long, thick, straight, adjacent and rather rough. Colouring must be tricolour. The coat is black, rich tan colour on the head, the bottom side of the body, shoulders, thighs and legs. White markings on the head, neck, front chest, distal portions of the limbs and tail tip.

Faults include too light or too heavy physique, inappropriate sexual type (looks If a dog as a bitch or a bitch as a dog), substantially triangular head when viewed from above, loose skin on the head, muzzle short or end pointed, even bite or undershot jaw, square or long rectangular body frame, a short while sloping stern feet long, unsealed or flat hair too short or too soft.

To negative defects belong fearfulness or aggression, complete lack of pigmentation of the nose, overshot or undershot jaw large, (kinked) tail.