Schnauzer Pepper and Salt


Schnauzer Pepper and Salt - Group II - Pinscher, Schnauzer, Mastiff and the Swiss Mountain Dogs, Section 1 - Pinschers.

General Appearance:

Original usage of this breed closely related to its character and nowadays usage. Typical for dog is lively temperament balanced deliberation and calmness. It is good-natured, always cheerful and alert, playful and loyal to its owners 'beyond the grave', loves children, with the exception small ones, who cannot often respect its personality.

It is incorruptible and extremely vigilant guard that does not bark unnecessarily. As an intelligent and obedient dog it is suitable for sports and Staff training. It spends on that activities its fearlessness, endurance and resistance to weather. Today it is an excellent guard, but also a companion dog.

Temperament/ Behaviour:

It can it be trained as rescue dogs, avalanche, assistance and defender. It is suitable due to its proper physical and mental activity, training and participation in competitions in agility. It is docile, the foundation of its success in training and as in the education it is the consistency. It is also popular because it is not entirely a small, nor too big.

This breed is not suitable for every owner. Dog needs somebody who already has some previous experience and can be a real, active and dominant pack leader. Owner should be endowed with natural authority, which in all circumstances shall be able to peacefully pursue. His conduct must be in all situations consistent, otherwise the confident dog is always ready to  overtake a leading position in the "pack-family" and it becomes difficult controllable domestic tyrant, with which it will difficult to handle  that is necessary during normal combing or visit the veterinary clinic, vaccination, etc..

Conversely, well-behaved dog is the sweet, optimistic and loving friend of the owner and all the members of owner´s family. It feels well in the garden, where it can watch warily. Due to its inherited territoriality, however it will loud bark and report all passers and as the "origin job" a rat catcher will hunt mice and chasing cats from the neighbourhood. To strangers is distrustful. It needs more hearty walks, during which, if it is reliable for recall, it may have enough freedom to satisfy its curiosity and desire for contact with other dogs.


It is a medium sized, strong, stocky rather than slim dog almost square body frame. Height at withers is roughly equal to the length of the body - males and females is 45 - 50 cm. Weight of body should be in both sexes in the range 14 to 20 kg.

The head should be the total size of an individual and be so long that its tot. Edge measured from the tip of the nose to the top of the occipital area match 1/2 the distance from the withers to the tail. The skull is strong and long without markedly protruding occipital area forehead flat, without wrinkles. Topline of skull must be in the imaginary extension when viewed from the side parallel to the muzzle. The frontal slope (stop) because of eyebrows seems to be significantly declining.

The muzzle has the shape of a truncated wedge. The muzzle is straight, a large nose and wide open nostrils, always black. Lips with black pigmented rims are firmly and smoothly adjacent to the jaws and teeth. Oral corners are closed. The upper and lower jaws must be strong. Teeth are required to complete, consisting of 42 teeth formula, correct bite. The teeth must be strong, large, pure white. The top and bottom at each precisely anneal. The chewing muscles are powerful, but overall rectangular shape of the head of a contingent beard must not be interfere too much sideways protruding (bulging) cheeks.

Eyes should be medium-sized, oval in shape. They are pointing straight forward, they are dark, lively expression. Eyelids are tightly fitting to the eyeballs. The earlobes are set high, tilted forward, the shape of the letter "V". The inner edges adjacent to the cheeks, carried symmetrically angled forward, the fold must be equally high and must not protrude above the top of the head.

Topline body is viewed from the side at the withers, which is its highest point to the rear slightly sloping. The back should be strong, short and strong loin should be short, strong and muscled. The distance from the last rib to the hip may not be long to maintain a compact overall appearance. Croup is slightly rounded and flows into the base of the tail. It is naturally long, it is desirable to be carried saber or sickle hooked.

The chest should be reasonably broad, on an imaginary cross-section of oval shape, so deep that it reaches to the elbows. Forechest should be seen from the side pronounced point of sternum protrudes in front of the shoulder joints. The bottom line of the body forms a graceful curve, which when viewed from the side becomes the bottom edge of the chest continuously, without a break, in the stomach. Flanks not too rolled up.

Front feet should be short and rounded, with fingers tightly knit and well-arched ("cat"), with short dark nails and resistant padded. The hindquarters are seen from the side in an attitude inclined when viewed from behind parallel to each other. Attitude should not be too narrow. Thighs should be moderately long, broad and strongly muscled. Your knees should not be in or out, neither in nor out. Second thighs are long and strong, sinewy, moving in markedly angulated hocks, which are powerful and strong. It should never be either convergent or divergent. Hock should be short, perpendicular to the substrate. Feet are short round, with arched and closely-knit toes and not too long, black-coloured claws. The movement is elastic, elegant, agile, free and spacious.

The skin on the entire body is flush with the skeletal muscle and skin. The coat should be wiry, harsh and dense. It consists of a rich undercoat and top coat that could never be too short, but hard to course, well fitting and long enough to be able to assess its texture and must be neither bristly nor wavy. On the limbs tends to be less harsh. On the forehead and earlobes is short. Typical is the beard on the muzzle, which should not be too fine, and the bushy eyebrows which lightly covers the eyes.

Colouration may be Pure black with black undercoat, called Pepper and Salt. In this colour is breeding goal medium shading with evenly distributed, rich "pepper colouring" (dark hairs evenly intermixed with a light coat) and grey undercoat. Permitted are all shades from dark iron grey over silver grey. With all the necessary dark mask on his face. Underlines the facial expression should adapt harmoniously with the colour of the rest of the coat. Distinctive white markings on the head, from the front chest and limbs are undesirable.