Leonberger Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is not balanced, friendly and obedient dog, playful, easy, docile and attentive, under all circumstances, fearless and confident. It has its own perspective arising from the consciousness of physical superiority, which is reflected in its actions prudence and calm, which there are characteristics that do not leave it even in a very turbulent environment. But definitely it is not phlegmatic. It is gifted with quite lively temperament. It should never be neither shy nor aggressive. It is an excellent guard, entrusted its space to guard it watches always perfectly. Although non-aggressive, it is able if necessary to intervene effectively, in addition to its size and unwavering confidence any uninvited guests, who are in their nefarious intentions unfair to frequently cowardly it discourages their intention.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It is suitable for beginner owner if they are able to respect the fundamental requirements, e.g. that education and possibility of training (in terms of basic handling) should keep calm, more gradual pace, gently but thoroughly, without any hardness or even rudeness. The most important thing is to create a relationship of mutual trust and mutual respect.

Good basic handling is obviously necessary because disobedient dog whose height at withers in adulthood may reach 70 to 80 kilograms, it cannot handle even a very strong man. Basically, it's just calling a few other commands, for example. "Ugh!", "Sit", "Down" and etc.

They learn easily, thanks to its intelligence and excellent memory, only for it not to rush unnecessarily. That will be well-behaved. The owner can take it without fear and trouble anywhere. If it is not properly guided and educated it needs to walk on a leash masterfully direction in which the owners and will then have no choice but to obey. In addition, although not one of the intensely breeds desire after assuming leadership in society "pack", which for it, it is the owner´s family, it is completely unforced and every day  it reminds its place on the hierarchical scale. This is done by being kept on a leash always so it is rather a half-step back a man than a few feet in front of owner.

Leonberger is known for its exceptionally friendly nature and patience it has with children. Conflicts with other dogs alone it neither causes nor seeks. It is aware of his physical superiority and not abuses it. Due to its dimensions is a challenging space and nutrition. Although it could be all year round in the outdoor kennel, this method is not perfect its possession. It is given the decidedly positive attitude towards people need to have a chance to live if possible, "its family".


It's a big, strong, muscular, elegant dog balanced body. Especially males are powerful and strong. Height at withers relates to body as 9: 10, body frame is slightly rectangular. Height at withers is for males 72 to 80 (ideally 76) cm females 65 to 75 (ideally 70) cm.

The head is generally deeper than broad and elongated rather than broad muzzle length, measured from the tip of the nose to the junction of the inner eye corners. It is the length of the skull, measured by a line from the inner corners of the eye to the top of the occipital part, as approximately 1: 1. Front inclination (stop) is well defined, but not abrupt. The muzzle should be relatively long, but must not be pointed at the end.

The muzzle is equally wide when viewed from the side must never be saddled (concave), rather it may be slightly arched (convex) and generate slightly down faced. Nose must be black. Lips tight fitting to the jaw and teeth, their edges are black and corners of the mouth closed.

Jaws should be strong with a perfect, regular and complete teeth and scissor bite, which means that upper teeth closely overlapping down teeth, both of which are planted in the jaws. Teeth should consist of 42 healthy teeth correctly formula (2 times /, but allowed the lack of molars 3 (M3). It is also permissible level bite. Lower jaw must be level down teeth canines narrowed.

The eyes are light to dark brown, medium size, oval, neither sunken nor protruding, neither too close nor too far apart deposited in orbit. Eyelids tightly fitting to the eyeballs, conjunctiva must not be apparent. Sclera (the visible part of the sclera) may not be red.

The earlobes are high and not far back mounted, hinged, thick, medium-sized, closely fitting to the head. Neck passes light, smooth curve of the neck to the withers, it is rather long than too bulky (thick). On the neck may be loose skin or dewlap. Withers pronounced, especially in males (males).

The back should be strong, broad and straight. The loin is broad, strongly muscled. Croups whose underlying bone is the pelvis, should be viewed from the side sloped, broad, relatively long and slightly rounded. Smoothly merge with tail, must never be called. Overbuilt, i.e. higher level than hipbones of height at withers

The tail is thickly furred, still hanging straight down, the move only slightly curved upwards. It should never be carried above the top line of the body.

The chest is broad and deep, so that it reaches at least to the elbows. Not barrel shaped, but rather should be on the imaginary cross-sectional oval shape. The abdomen is slightly tucked. The legs are very strong, especially in dogs (males).

The coat can be yellow colour reminiscent of a lion, red and reddish, sandy (pale yellow to creamy). Also any combinations of these colours are possible. In the face should always be a black mask. Black end of hair elsewhere on the body are permissible, however, black must not be the predominant colour. Lighter hair at the base of the tail, the mane, the "flags" and "pants" should not disturb the balance of the skin colour. Rather small white spot or narrow white stripe on the front of the chest is tolerated like small white markings on the feet.