Dogo Argentino


Dogo Argentino Group II. Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossians breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle dogs, Section 2 - Molossian, Dogue type.

General Appearance:

Dogo Argentino is cheerful. To its owner is a naturally friendly. Also, however, it is well aware of its power. Seldom it barks and must not be aggressive, some inclination to aggression is a trait that owner must always control. Dominant appearance was constantly forced to fight for the territory, which is reflected especially towards same dog sex. This feature is particularly appears by males.

When it is hunting it is definitely smart and quiet, courageous and combative. As a companion dog is characterized through uninhibited temperament, unprecedented tenacity, courage and aplomb. The owner and owner´s family it is absolutely loyal. It is always ready to "hits people" with all vigour to defend. Dog´s temperament is suited to families with small children. It should not be permanently kept in an outdoor kennel, a necessity as long as possible, but the best permanent contact with the owner and his family members. To the strangers are behaving cautiously, warily up.

Temperament / Behaviour:

It is not advisable to keep it together with other pets. Its hunting instinct is still very strong, therefore, but also because of the dominant behaviour towards other dogs, it is not recommended to have the dog without a leash. This breed is not suitable for owner-beginners who have no experience with the breed of this character foundation. It is suitable only for persons are totally quiet, patient, prudent, gifted natural authority, which can also, if necessary, apply non-violent. It should be a person absolutely consistent, always acting consistently.

Punishment is not correct for this breed the dog becomes stubborn. It may also have adverse effects on its future behaviour, it can happen, especially if it is deemed unfair, downright mean and aggressive. From earliest childhood is necessary in addition to education socialization (socialization by the truest sense of the word), accustoming to a variety of environments, people, dogs and other animals (already growing puppy, however necessary when meeting other dogs proceed with max. caution).

It is difficult to move, the safest is free range in a well-fenced land. During education it must have a leash i.e. for walks. The dog must be taught not to pull. Moreover, it is recommendable to walk on the leash routed so that it is always at least a half-step behind the owner or with its nose by owner´s foot. According to the laws of the dog pack it always goes the first the leader (α-) an individual that decides where the pack will go. The aim of the training is not so absolute obedience, but rather that even in adulthood it will be in any situation manageable.


The overall due regard for the dog of balanced proportions, a large, but not huge. Height at withers, male is from 62 to 68 cm and for females 60 to 65 cm. The head is mezocefalic type (neither too long nor too short), strong and powerful, without sharp contour edges or distinct chiselling (not too dry), the profile should be convex (curved) in the lot of the skull and concave (sway) in part of muzzle. The neck consists of a massive arched muscled whole. Skull massive supra arched in the transverse and longitudinal directions, due to the massive rounded chewing and neck muscle.

The nose is black pigmented, and because it forms a concave finish line of the muzzle, directed slightly upward. When viewed from the side of its front surface vertical. Located on an imaginary vertical line that is passing through the front edge of the upper jaw or a bit ahead of him. Lips are reasonably strong, relatively short and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth. Their margins are to be free, black.

The eyes are almond-shaped, set at medium high eyecups and far between. They should be dark or hazel coloured, protected by lids - those preferred black pigmented edges, but partial no pigmentation is not considered as a defect. The expression should be alert and lively, but at the same time significantly hard, especially in male dogs. The earlobes are high, due to the width of the skull well apart.

Withers must to be wide and tall, broad ridge, strong, powerfully muscled. Towards the loin slightly decreases. The loin is strong and obscures the outlines of a powerful muscle that causes the backbone of the longitudinal cutting machine is light. They should be slightly shorter than the back and very slightly arched. Muscling along the topline of the body gives the impression that it is easily uttered, which is not true, but in adults it is this impression due to the fully developed back muscles even more striking.

Feet are round, with a short, strong and well-knit toes, padded should be strong and hard with black coloured touch rough. Step must be elongated and calm trot long with pronounced "strides" chest and strong forward events (shot) hindquarters. Gait shows the energy and power of the individual. Traces of paws are single and parallel lines. Pacing is evaluated as a serious fault and is unacceptable.

The coat should be uniformly short, smooth and soft to the touch, about 1.5 to 2 cm long. Hair density varies according to climatic conditions - in the tropics coat is thinner, so they can show through pigmented spots on the skin, which should not be a reason for a lower award shows. In cold climates may be denser coat, until thick, even with undercoat. Colour is pure white, only around one eye stain may be black or dark colours, but it should not occupy more than 10% of the head. When there are two dogs the same quality at dog show whiter dog is preferred.