Caucasian Shepherd Dog


Caucasian Shepherd Dog - Group II Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is impenetrable, which is also due to facial expression, which resembles a bear. Bears (species Ursidae) are notorious beasts compared to canines, it has lack of facial expressions, its facial expression is almost and always the same, so the person cannot understand, what it keeps in its mind.

This breed is alert, active, balanced, calm and conscious of its strength. Its defensive reactions are always strong. If it feels threatened, reacts swiftly and with all vigour. It is an active defensive reaction, the strategy is simple, the motto "the best defence is a good offense." Propensity to aggression and mistrust of strangers for this dog, it is a typical feature of the breed.


Due to the natural sharpness and certain unpredictability it belongs to owner, who is experienced who has enough patience and understanding. Moreover, it must be person, who is gifted by natural authority, who can effortlessly apply whenever necessary, appropriate experienced, absolutely consistent, calm, thoughtful able to deal with dog always consistently. Dog´s education must be among the dog and owner, there must be created relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

The owner must act always as clear and unquestionable leader of the "pack" the dog must understand all times perfectly clearly what its position on the hierarchical ladder of society. Owner mentally unstable, passive, erratic, volatile and indecisive, this dog will never recognized as appropriate α-individual and dog will wait for the first opportunity to overtake a leadership position in the society. It is from its point of view fully justified. Pack which for dog, as a canine, primary guarantee of the survival in a danger. The dog can miss itself, if there is no strong leadership. Opportune moment to gain a leading position it selects itself, so the owner must never show even a hint of weakness, not only in relation to dog.

The owner must not be a beginner, people with inadequate experience, individuals suffering from an inferiority complex, who would  want through this dog  wanted  strengthen  own ego, and people illegitimate, that it, as a kind of weapon, people, who need to threaten or even terrorize surroundings. Just wide early socialization and rightly guided education based on calm, but the iron consistency it can "create" easy training for dog, it will not be afraid of the owner, the surroundings.

Punish - there is enough admonition responds by the voice and intonation. It must always be clear, absolutely clear, by admonishing the puppy rather glaring than accusingly, at growing and adult dog is very emphatic. Person should not look at dog´s eyes directly, dog can feel as a challenge to fight. Physical punishment is not an option, only it disrupts the relationship with the dog owner. In extreme cases, it could lead to defensive aggression, which, due to dog ´s physical dispositions can be fatal for owner.

It's a dog supremely self-confident and independent that has an ingrained ability to make decisions according to its own discretion. Slavish obedience from it can neither ask either expect. The goal of education and training must be primarily for handling in various and unexpected situations during adulthood.


It's a big dog robust but harmonious construction, with massive bone and powerful muscle. Height at wither is 72-75 cm, male and 67-70 cm, female. Even bigger individuals are acceptable, must be harmonious in body. Weight of body of male is 50 kg and female min. 45 kg.

The head is large, massive and wide at the widest spot the archest strongly developed zygomatic arches. When viewed from above is approximately the shape of a wedge broad base. Topline of skull is viewed from the side in an imaginary extension line of the muzzle. The skull must be massive and wide. The forehead should be flat, shallow longitudinal split in the middle frontal furrow. Browridges are distinct but not prominent.

Muzzle should be broad. The nose should be large, uniformly coloured black, with well-open nostrils output from the contour lines of the muzzle.

Admissible, but not desirable, it is considered the current standard also dotted with black or mottled colour of the nose. It is not permitted genetically blue colouration (slate gray, the resulting dilution of black), or liver.

Teeth should be healthy, white, strong and big. Incisors to knit and are arranged in one line without gaps. Requires a scissor or level bite, complete dentition consists of 42 teeth.

The edges of the eyelids tightly fitting eyeball and are black in colour. The expression should be sincere, searching and attentive.

Chest should be long, wide and deep - especially at the front. Its bottom line is at elbow level or below. The imaginary cross-section has broadly oval. It consists of thick ribs that are properly arched. Loose (last) ribs must be long.

Long hair forms a "mane" on the neck and shoulders, "feathering" on the back of the forearm and "pants" on the back of the thigh and is also on the earlobes. The coat can be any single colour and it is also possible mottled colouring or finely sprayed. It is only the uniformly black, genetically diluted black (blue, slate gray) colour, all combinations of black with the genetically blue (slate gray) colour or liver (in terms of genetics is a combination of black with brown liver at all possible).