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20.4.2021 Answers: 1 Todor Kolev

Hello, would you recommend me a suitable food for a young 6m. old nuf. It already weighs 30kg ... and I hesitate between these three options: - Brit care grain-free junior - Brit Fresh Beef with Pumpkin Puppy Large - Brit Care Junior Large Breed Lamb & Rice What is your recommendation? Thanks in advance!

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  • Todor Kolev


    Hello Brit! Obviously you do not bother to answer questions, so I will share my experience on this issue: I do not recommend Brit Fresh .. After 3 months of use, my dog ​​lost the shine in the coat, started skin problems, lost weight and became lethargic! I changed the food and the improvement is noticeable immediately! I hope to be useful to someone.


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