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13.11.2020 Answers: 1 Astine Badeyan

Hi. I'm Astine, looking for advice. Our dog is a Chow Chow, 8 months, and weighs approx. 18kg. When we bought him, the breeder advised to give him only dry food. So we started with Purina, then shifted to Royal Canin. However, we noticed that his body does not react to chicken and grain so well, while both of those brands are rich in those two ingredients. So, we changed to Brit, that is with lamb and rice. Could you, please, advise if Brit kibbles can be good for chow chows? Also, from time to time, we want to give him rewards, like biscuits or bone. Does the Brit brand have anything that can be suitable for chow chow and won't irritate the skin, given the fact that they are way too sensitive? Huge thanks in advance!

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
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    Hallo, if Your dog does not react to grains and chicken, then would be suitable Brit Premium Junior L for him. You also can use Brit Care Junior Large Salmon & Potato. This food has high content of Omega fatty acids having very positive impact on sensitive skin. Also is possible to use Brit Fresh Fish. As reward I can recommend You Functional snacks e.g. skin & coat with crill and coconut oil Best regards Martin Kvas


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