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23.3.2020 Answers: 1 Carolina Azocar

Hi, I have a puppy of 8 weeks and weights almost 2 kgs. According to the bag, we have to give him 50 grams per day. But this seems so little and he is starving all day. Am I correct? Or I need to give him more food? Thank you!!!

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, actual daily dose of food depends on actual age of dog and it extpected adult body weight (in case of beagle about 20 - 25kg). Adult body weight is listed in first row of feeding table, actual age is in left column. In intersection of apropriate row and column You can find recommended daily dose of food. For Your puppy this one would be about 140 - 150 g per day Best regards Martin Kvas


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