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13.9.2018 Answers: 1 MARINKO CIRKVENCIC

Hi, I am little suspicious about feeding tables for your food Brit premium junior MEDIUM breed. My dog is 9 weeks old girl hungarian short visla (aprox. 25 kg adult), and if I look feeding table for her, it seems that I should give her 150 g/day. If I look feeding table for Brit premium junior LARGE breed it seems that I should give her 230 g/day and the metabolism energy of the both foods are pretty much the same. What is right amount of food for my dog if I use Brit premium junior MEDIUM breed? Regards, Marinko

Nutrition Hungarian Short-haired Pointer - Viszla

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, daily dose of food You find in feeding table is recommended dose. Everything depends on individuality of You dog. That means choose dose between 150 - 230 g/day and watch the body condition and growth of Your dog, it should correspond with typical growth curve of appropriate breed. Best regards Martin Kvas


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