Salmon and Potato recipe changes

17.3.2023 Answers: 0 Milka Cserepes

Dear Consultants, My name is Milka, I'm living in Budapest, Hungary. I would like to ask about why is Brit changing the recipe of the Salmon and Potato dry food? My dog is a mix of a Rottweiler and a German Sheperd, and he has a very sensitive digestion, we had bad experiences with hypoallergenic food too. After a long time of trying different foods, we found Brit's Salmon and Potato, which was perfect for him. Unfortunately now that some of the ingridients have changed, it doesn't work for him. I'm very sad, and I would like to understand, why was it neccessary to change a recipe which was maybe perfect for a lot of dogs. Many thanks in advance! Best Regards, Milka


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