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  • Gastric torsion - horror for...


    Twisted stomach, a nightmare for all dog owners. According to statistics, gastric torsion occurs at night in three out of five cas…
  • Search and rescue dog handlers...


    The events of recent weeks have reaffirmed the importance of cynologists in rescue teams. The rescuers' four-legged partners help s…

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  • Breeder

    22.10.2021 | 0 comments

    Hi Brit Petfood. Is it possible to buy your petfood with breeders benefits? I can’t find info anywhere I would like to feed...

  • About Cat Food Ingredients

    05.08.2021 | 0 comments

    I'm considering buying brit care or brit premium cat food for my cat, but I have a question. Looking at your options, your...

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