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  • Fatty bags

    17.02.2020 | 0 comments

    Brit Care Grain-free Giant Salmon & Potato We have used this brand for about two years and our dog is generally happy and...

  • Skin problems

    03.01.2020 | 4 comments

    Hi, I write from Italy. One year ago my cat Parsifal had skin problems. A sort of irritation, eczema. My veterinary sad me to...

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Ing. Martin Kváš
Nutrition specialist

MVDr. Jan Šíma

Friends animals

  • Corn in dog food


    All grains are generally divided into two groups - with gluten and gluten-free. Those with gluten commonly found in dog food inclu…
  • Portraits of popular breeds at...


    Mau means a cat in Egyptian. The spotted pattern of this breed was not created as in other cross-breeding, it has existed since an…

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