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  • Katarina Vigodová on skiing...


    In the first part of the interview with the Slovak musher Katarina Vigodová, we talked about how to prepare for a skiing trip with…
  • 2022 Obstacle Course Race Events


    Spring is round the corner together with extreme dog races. What can we look forward to this year? And what is this dog sport all …

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  • Expiry date meaning

    24.11.2022 | 1 comment

    Hi what is the meaning of the expiry date on the 7kg package of Britcare Indoor Anti Stress for cats? Please explain how long...

  • Hypoallergenic dog food

    04.11.2022 | 1 comment

    Hello, please my dog has a common skin disorder (inflammation-atopic dermatitises) this condition only occurred when summer...

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