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  • The Influence of Intestinal...


    Have you ever thought about how the composition of the gut microbiota of your dog companion influences its mood, metabolism or imm…
  • What It Takes to Be a Decoy for...


    Letting furious dogs with only one task – to detain and put you down – bite you is definitely not for everyone. But is it really a…

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  • Taurine in Grain Free Food

    05.07.2020 | 0 comments

    Hello, we have 10 months old Golden retriever, she is eating Brit Care Salmon & Potato Junior Large Breed dry food. There...

  • What is meal made from?

    03.07.2020 | 1 comment

    Hi. My cat has IBS and we are trying to find some food solution. Right now we are trying Brit care Lilly and so far it works...

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