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  • Special Care for White Hair Dogs


    It’s clear you need to take care of white hair so it doesn’t turn yellow or brown. But have you ever wondered that it might be pos…
  • Portraits of Popular Breeds at...


    The European Shorthair looks like a common cat and its nature is not as stable as other breeds’. That’s why it’s not extremely fam…

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  • Ideal food for Doberman

    22.05.2020 | 0 comments

    Hi, I have a male Doberman puppy, 7 months old and would like to know which would be the ideal food from your range to serve...

  • German shepherd Food

    20.05.2020 | 0 comments

    Hello! I want to ask what kind of food is the best choice for a German Shepherd from birth to antiquity? Because exactly...

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