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  • Type of rice?

    08.05.2019 | 0 comments

    Good day! I have to change a feed for my dog cause there is allergy. I consider your product Brit Care Junior Large Breed...

  • Expiry date

    06.05.2019 | 0 comments

    Hi. I have purchased Krazy kitten from an online store in Pakistan. Its expiry date is mentioned on top at the back of the pack...

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Ing. Martin Kváš
Nutrition specialist

MVDr. Jan Šíma

Friends animals

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    Many people already carefully pick dry food, think about the proportion of proteins and fats in food but often forgets about fluid…
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    My dog is definitely not extra picky, he would probably even eat stones, if I put them into his bowl. However, I like to give him …

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