Lhasa Apso


Lhasa Apso Group IX. - Companion and Toy Dogs, Section - Tibetan breeds.

General Appearance:

It's a lively and confident, fearless, alert and balanced dog. It is reserved with strangers and due to it is original utilization, it begins warily. Its sensitive ears never miss the slightest murmur to which immediately it notifies its strong and resonant voice. The owner and members of its family, however, it is affectionate and gentle.

It likes the limelight and appreciates it, but it never quits its characteristic pride. In any case never begs. It likes to be praised by the owner, it can be nice, it wants to be in owner´s immediate vicinity, but it remains a personality that just it will not give up its independence. It is however also emotional and soulful.

Towards strangers it is initially cautiously watchful but it is prepared relatively soon converge to them. An important prerequisite for such behaviour, however, it is an early and wide socialization. Non-socialized individuals they can be to strangers very intransigent. Proper socialization is also necessary for good relations with children and strange dogs, eventually other home pets. It is not suitable as a companion entirely for small children. The elderly should be advised that it is not soft toy.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It can possess even a complete beginner when it is able to act upon its upbringing although gently, but quite consistently. If owner cannot be like that, it may grow the small but annoying tyrant.


This is a perfectly balanced, robust dog with hair on the head which falls over its eyes (it must not however obstruct vision) and forms a beard and sideburns. Ideal height at withers is about 25.4 cm, females are slightly smaller.

The skull is reasonably narrow and gradually sloping eyes. The above is not to be either completely flat or convex and may never be apple (rounded).

Muzzle about 4 cm long, but not square. The distance from tip of nose to stop corresponds roughly 1/3 of the total edge. Head measured from tip of nose to the edge of landscape occipital skull.

Desirable is tight overshot upper jaw (upper incisors when the mouth is closed just behind the incisors down teeth). The incisors are arranged in the widest possible and most consistent lines. Desirable is a full dentition (42 teeth in permanent dentition).

The eyes are dark, oval shaped, medium size, not too big or protruding, neither too small nor sunken. Pointing straight forward and scleral shall be seen neither up nor down. The earlobes are suspended, richly feathered.

The tail is set high and carried over the back, but not in the form "ear" of the pot. Often the tip hook hooked. They must be generously coated.

The forelegs are straight, heavily feathered. The hindquarters are strong, muscular, moderate angulations and well furnished.

The hair is long, rich, heavy (flowing), straight, hard, never woolly or silky. Undercoat should be a reasonable amount. Coat to never be so rich that dog hinder free movement. Colouration may be gold, sand, honey, dark grey, slate grey, smoky grey, multi-coloured, black, white or brown.