Bolognese Group IX. - Companion and Toy Breed, Section 1 - Bichons and related breeds

General Appearance:

This is an outstanding companion, character perfectly balanced, calm, cheerful, enterprising and fearless, owner unconditionally faithful and loyal, very dependent on its owner and on the environment in which it is used. Its owner can accompany virtually everywhere in society from acts of nature perfectly, its attitude is expressly distinguished. It likes staying at home near the owner and members of owner family, very social able.

It excels in intelligence, docility, obedience, friendliness and helpfulness. It is friendly and deserve at all times gentle and friendly treatment approach. It is sensitive, if perhaps it makes something inappropriate, you just warm about by word. Its effectiveness depends on the correct intonation, which must clearly express owner regret and sadness what happened, to be accusatory, but certainly not angry or even threatening.

It is getting very well with children, including small ones, it is necessary to keep your eye on children during any game.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Training depends on proper rules - what is forbidden ones, must always be forbidden forever and what is permitted ones must always be allowed. Otherwise the dog would never know what it can and cannot do. Also, early socialization is necessary. Puppy peacefully and gradually must be accustomed to all sorts of environments, different people, strange dogs and pets.


It's a small but sturdy dog with a compact body pure white, long and fluffy, square body frame. The length is equal to the height at the withers for male 27 to 30 cm for female 25 to 28 cm, weight of body should be in the range of 2.5 - 4 kg.

The head is moderately long, its length is equal to 1/3 height at wither and its width measured at the widest points of the zygomatic arches is the same as its length. Skull be longitudinally slightly egg-shaped, somewhat longer than the muzzle, above rather flat, but the sides rounded.

The eyes are directed forward and are to be stored almost in one level, which means that a line of outer and inner corners of the eye to meet the front at an angle of nearly straight (180 degrees). They are opened properly, fairly large, but not protruding. White cannot be seen when looking straight ahead with the dog. The iris is dark amber in colour. Eye slits are rounded and the edges of the eyelids must be black.

The tail should be deployed so as to form a continuous line of the croup. It is carried upward and rolled on the back.

The chest must be spacious, well arched and deep so as to achieve the elbow. Its depth is equal to 1/2 of the height at withers.

Coat is long all over the body, from head to tail, from the top line to the feet. It is shorter on the muzzle. Forms long flocks that have the same texture all over the body, rather off-standing coat thus not falling flat and tight, never shows fringes.

Fault is squinting. The serious defects belong to distinct toe on the imaginary extension of the upper line of the skull to the muzzle when viewed from the side, arched nasal bridge (forming down faced) overshot or undershot jaw, height at wither less than 25 cm and greater than 33 cm for males is less than 22 cm and greater than 32 cm in females.

To negative defects are aggression or shyness, depigmentation of the nose, the nose other than black coloration bilateral depigmentation of the eyelid margins, "Glass" (off-white) eyes, tail missing, bobtail or docked any other coat colour than white spotting or dotting the white coat.