English Toy Terrier


English Toy Terrier Group III. - Terriers.

General Appearance:

Despite English Toy Terrier is little, it has typical Terrier nature - is alert and courageous, in the past it used to hunt the rats. Because it is only a miniature Manchester terrier, it has practically the same character - it is smart to cunning, spirited, cheerful, good-natured, friendly, energetic and docile. It is characterized by absolute loyalty and devotion owners at the same time it is also very independent. Its action is agile, nimble, vigilant and never nervous. It makes his owner happy, learns quickly and willingly, well manages training for competitions in agility, but also obedience.

Temperament & Behaviour:

By its agility, liveliness and activity it necessarily needs a regular job. Training one of the dog sports is for him the best purpose in life. It works with enthusiasm and pleasure. If its physical and mental activities lacking adequately, it can, especially if it must be home alone it is bored. Then, unnecessary it is barking, or behaves destructively.

This dog suits people active, talented natural authority which is able to sense and respect. For its relentless creative energy may not suit the other hand, people who love peace and comfort. Its training must start at young age, it must be strictness, even if it is small. Essential is the widest and early socialization. Its natural sharpness, courage and self-confidence, appearances in such a small breed up unexpected, when improper training and inadequate or missing socialization it can lead to aggression, and against unknown persons and dogs.


Overall this is a perfectly balanced, elegant and compact attractive slim physique. Height at withers should be 25-30 cm, weight from 2.7 to 3.6 kg.

The head is long and narrow, with a flat skull above. It has to be wedge-shaped, without excessively muscled cheeks, under the eyes (not be hollowed). The frontal part- slope (stop) must be gradual.

Muzzle slightly tapering towards the nose and has a wedge shape as viewed from the side and front. However, it must avoid giving the impression of being overshot lower jaw must not be the end too pointed. The nose is black.

Jaws should be strong and must be perfectly fitting to each other. Lips are narrow and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth, it requires a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, which means that 6 upper teeth incisors closely overlapping 6 incisors down, teeth cannot be so much pointed. Teeth should be strong and well-spaced.

Eyes must be small, almond-shaped, slanted, sparkling, dark coloured, almost black. The iris may never have a lighter shade.

The earlobes are shaped candle flame, the tops are slightly tapered. Setting should be high, relatively close together, on the back of the head. They should be so large that the lobe, when bent forward, did not reach the eye. From 9 months of age, the dog ´s ears must be upright, pointing forward and are thin.

The neck is long, lovely, in a slightly arched neck. Line of neck when viewed from the side slopes gracefully and flows into the shoulders. Dewlap is not acceptable.

Body should be compact, properly balanced in proportion to the head and limbs. Topline body forming a graceful curve that starts behind the withers, slightly rising over the shoulders, which should be adequately arched, and gently sloping to tail.

The croup should be slightly rounded tail is low set, strong at the base towards the tip, tapering and reaching below the hock. It is not acceptable when tail is carried to be too "cheerful" (high).

The chest should be relatively narrow and deep, with a properly sprung ribs.

The forelegs are vertical to ground, the blades should be appropriately vertical fitting, elbows fitting to the chest, it forms - straight front, chest is developed, when viewed from the top of the sternum does not act before the shoulder joint. Too fine bones are not acceptable. Hindquarters have properly bend knees, it works for correctly arched back. Hocks must be low to the ground and must be either convergent or divergent. Insufficient angulation of the knee or excessive angulation, which is the cause of bad position in which the legs are bent under body it is not acceptable.

Feet are elegant, closed, interdigital spaces deep rugged, well arched with deep black claws. For forelegs are two middle fingers slightly longer. The hind feet should be "cat" (round), "hare" (oval-shaped) are undesirable.

Ideal gait of this breed is forward trot. Movement called hackney, i.e. Short step at a high forelegs lifted (i.e. Hackney Gait) is not acceptable. Also it is not acceptable a low and elongated (creeping) step. Smooth and supple action hindquarters must be an effective source of forward moment (ricochet). Perfect movement is important, it is considered an expression of good health of individuals.

The coat should be short, dense, close-fitting and smooth. Hair colouring can only be black and tan - to be black as ebony, tan should have a density of dark, freshly green burst seed of Horse Chestnut tree. Colours are not miscible and coincide, they must be sharply separated from one another, so that the limits between them are distinct.

The forelegs should be tan front from feet to wrist, on the inside and back, tan continues below elbows. The hindquarters should be tan on the front and inside. Black stripe is dividing tan colour   in the middle of shank. Fingers on the upper side have black stripes. On front of chest you can see a little tan colour. Around the anus is tan colour, too as well as the underside of the tail.

Muzzle tan, nose must be black, black coloured nasal saddle  is also a black continuing arcs under its eyes and stretches up to the base of the neck. Small round tan markings above the eyes and cheeks. The lower jaw is tan-coloured as well as the throat, lips are lined with black. The inner side of ears should be tan, tan on their outer side, it is not acceptable.