German Rex

German Rex
FIFe :
Place of Origin:
A natural breed
Breed type:
Short-haired cat type Rex
3 - 5 kg
Colour variants:
All colour variants

History: German Rex is the first known breed of cats with wavy hair. German´s Cat lovers started to deal with it in the 1950s, although the first male of this breed is considered to be the male Munk that appeared in Germany in the 1930s. It was a hybrid of a Russian Blue and brown Angora Cat. The gene responsible for the wavy coat of German Rex is the same as for Cornish Rex, otherwise the breeds are very different one to each other.

Temperament: German Rex is a breed with a balanced and tolerant temperament. As a companion is active but loving and affectionate cat. With other cats and dogs, it usually gets well, although it may be dominated by them. It likes a society of people, and it does not like to stay alone. It is a very intelligent and temperamental cat that requires human attention. German Rex is also known for excellent climbing and acrobatic skills.

Body: This is a medium sized cat with a massive body structure and good muscles. By type is most similar to the European Shorthair Cat. Medium-long legs have round feet, medium-long tail wide at the root and tapered to the tip. Rounded head has well developed cheeks and wide chin. Medium-sized ears are broad on the base and have rounded tips. Medium-sized eyes are oval in shape.

Coat: The German Rex has a soft, plush and regularly curled hair structure and, as by Cornish Rex, it does not have covering hair. Curled or wavy it is the hair especially on the back and tail. Tactile hairs and eyebrows are also covered. Although they are recommended as allergy-free animals due to low moulting, but this cat is not suitable for everybody.

Care: Due to the fact that the coat of the German Rex is lacking of undercoat and it does not moult too much, it is enough to brush with a soft brush or fondle. Hard or rough brushing could damage the hair. In case of participation at cat shows, it may sometimes be necessary to wash the German Rex with a shampoo for cats, several days before the show, so that the coat has time to be recovered. Clean the ears, if necessary or cut the sharp ends of the claws regularly.

Colour variants:

This breed is recognized in most colours and patterns as a European Short-haired Cat or House Cat. The colour of the eyes can be from bright yellow or green and it matches to the colour of the coat.