Place of Origin:
Don Sphynx, Oriental Cat
Breed type:
Hairless cat
Body type:
3.5 - 7 kg
Colour variants:
All colour variants

History: The breed was originated in Russia in 1994 by the experimental crossing of Don's Sphynx with an Oriental Cat. It is a fairly new breed, but FIFe has not recognized it until 2011. Therefore, Oriental or Siamese individuals are still crossing over in order to reach the Peterbald of Oriental elegant appearance.

Temperament: Peterbald is a very intelligent playful cat that has a friendly, gentle and trusting nature. It is easy to learn a lot of tricks. It is nor sneaky. It often tends to one person very tightly and it becomes dependent on this person. It loves direct contact and communication. It also loves any form of play.

Body: Slender elegant body is long and well-muscled. The large and narrow wedge-shaped head gradually spreads towards the large ears. They are wide at the base and run to the tip. The eyes are medium-sized and have an almond-shaped shape.

Coat: Some kittens can be born with a fine coat, but they will disappear within two years. Some individuals may have a maximum length of 2 cm in their body, feet, nose or ears. Therefore, FIFe differentiates between three types of baldness, which differ from each other by the length and location on the coat:

  • Hairless (ultra-bald) - This is a completely hairless variety of Peterbald, which is further divided into three stages depending on the surface of the skin. This completely watery variety is preferred.
  • Flock - In this variety, cats are hairless 90%. The legs, tail and head have 2 mm long hairs.
  • Brush - These Peterbald´s hair has a finely wavy and often worm-like coat throughout the body. More concentrated on head or back. Its length again does not exceed 2 mm.
  • Except for FIFe, there are still a variety of velour (70% hairless cats) and straight (normally scratched cats lacking the gen that is responsible for hairless)

Care: High attention should be paid to the ears and eyes, which should be regularly cleaned by. It is good to wash skin twice a month with neutral pH shampoo or wipe it with a wet cloth once a week.

Colour variants: All colours and patterns are recognized.