Curly Coated Retriever


Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs - Group VIII

General Appearance:

Character is balanced, calm, dependable, brave, confident and independent, very intelligent, to the owner friendly. When meeting strangers it behaves seemingly unconcerned, it is still very wary. Sometimes it may seem a little reserved, which is common for dog permanently housed in outdoor pens and held exclusively for the purpose of hunting. If there is enough contact with people it can be very active and participates willingly normal family life - "pack". All persons in its family is devoted.

The kids have a great relationship with the breed, it acts with them tenderly. We should be careful during contact with strange dogs and other animals. It is not recommended that pets (ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, cats, etc.) or let alone, without supervision. It tends to chase them and hunt. The other dogs behaves distinctly dominant, therefore, it requires from infancy systematic and general socializing.

It is used as a hunting dog - retriever. It is a specialist in bringing wild game and is applicable both to the work of the water or work in country. During the hunt it works lively, confident, persistent, and it excels at very fine sense of smell. It can also be applied as a companion dog and even as a security guard.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Curly Coated Retriever is handy and quite easy to train. Its education requires gentle but strong strictness. However absolute slavish obedience it can be never expected or required by this breed.

In the outdoor pen it may be held, particularly when it is used for hunting purposes. But be only kept in an outdoor kennel, it is preventing the creation and intimate relationship with the owner.


This is a strong, well-built, attractive and elegant hunting dog with typical curly coat. The format of the body is rectangular, ideal height at the withers should be for males about 67.5 cm and females 62.5 cm.

The head is wedge-shaped when viewed from the front and side, and size to body size. The skull should be as long as the muzzle and when viewed from the side, the topline in the imaginary extension of the line of the muzzle. The frontal slope (stop) should be gradual.

Nose must be black with black or liver coloured brown in livers browns. Strong jaws with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.

The eyes are large, oval shaped, slanted, they may never be protruding. The iris should be dark brown by black-coloured dogs and bitches in livers brown tone corresponds to the colour of the iris colour of the coat. The earlobes are suspended, rather small, set slightly above the eye line. Immediately fitting to the head, covered with hair forming tiny curls.

The neck is strong, the neck slightly arched, moderately long, without dewlap at the throat it is getting to the shoulders.

Body has to be elongated, upper body lines are straight and solid. Chest deep, with a properly sprung ribs, on the imaginary cross-section oval.

Breastbone should be at elbow level. Fore chest be clear. Belly slightly tucked up, flanks should be easily rolled up.

The forelegs are straight; their spare parts have to be in normal stance directly beneath the body. Properly muscled shoulder blades must be appropriately slanting their peaks upwards and backwards. The shoulder bones are about as long as the shoulder blades. Wrists should be fixed. The hindquarters should be strong and muscular. Its knees should be bent as reasonably hocks that are low above ground. Feet are required round, closed with well-knit, well-arched toes.

The loin is short, tightly muscled and strong. Tail forms a smooth continuation of the topline of the body. It should reach roughly the hock. The movement should be carried straight, horizontal.

Body coat a thick mass of small tight, crisp curls lying close to skin, extending from occiput to tip of tail; without undercoat or bare patches. Smooth hair.