American Short-haired Cat

American Shorthair
FIFe abbreviation:
Place of Origin:
A natural breed
Breed type:
Short-haired cat
Body type:
Robust, muscular
3.5 - 7 kg
Colour variety:
All natural colour varieties

History: American Shorthair Cat is the equivalent of a European Shorthair Cat. It is similar to character and appearance. It is supposed that the first domesticated cats came to America with European discoverers and colonists. Excavations and surveys, in any case, concluded that in North America, cats had appeared before the 15th century.

Nature: As well as European Shorthaired Cats, American Shorthair Cats can vary in character, and behavioural traits may inherit to some extent from their parents. Generally, however, they are very playful individuals to their very old age. They are usually intelligent and are getting very well with other cats and other pets.

Body: It is a medium to large cat of a massive body structure. It has a wide chest with well-developed shoulders. Medium long leg muscles have heavy bones. Round feet are strong and large. The mid-tail is wide at the base and converges to a rounded tip. Round head has full face and is slightly longer than wider. The medium-length nose has a slight deflection, the muzzle has a square shape. The big chin is well developed and looks straight from the side to make a straight line with the upper lip. Medium-sized ears with rounded toe are widely spaced apart. The eyes are far apart and have a round shape.

Coat: Short and dense hair is shiny. By touch it can be hard or soft, according to the season. In winter, coat may also be thicker.

Care: The American Shorthair cat's hair is enough to brush once a week. Then highlight the gloss with a suede cloth. During moulting, dead hair will help remove the rubber brush or massage gloves. However, these equipment may damage the coat when it is used incorrectly. The sharp ends of the claws should be cut regularly and the ear should be cleaned.

Colour variety: The American Shorthair is a natural breed and is therefore only in natural colours, i.e. black, red, blue and creamy or tortoise, but also in combination with white spots, tabby patterns and silvery forms. It can also be in pure white. The colour of the eyes depends on the colour of the coat.