Group VI. – Scent hounds and related breeds - Section 1 - Large sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

It's a very independent, energetic but well controlled, docile and with proper education and appropriate methods of training docile hound.

Billy although is a dog with a powerful hunting instinct, but also it is extremely sweet, perceptive and shrewd, it loves owner and members of his family. It is a loving dog with a warm relationship with children, including small ones.

The family of the owner it is totally dedicated. It is friendly and to persons totally unknown too, so as to guard or defender cannot count on it. It is sensitive and tolerant so well based upon proper socialization with other pets. To strangers, e.g. cats from next house it acts as a relentless hunter is chasing hard.

If members of the breed should generate even a small pack, it behaves to other dogs much more aggressively than if they are kept individually. Much, however, it depends on thorough, wide and early socialization, which when appropriate could orderliness of its tendency to behave dominantly to other dogs significantly muted.

Temperament / Behaviour:

Because it is an intelligent dog and it learns quickly and easily, the most important task of the owner or trainer, however maintain its focus and attention, especially when it raining takes at places where there are lots of incentives, notably smell, indicative of the presence of animals or their tracks. Owner needs to make enough effort and ingenuity in order for it to be a major incentive to be able to concentrate on exercises. It is therefore necessary to choose work for it in very carefully appropriate place.


Billy with other short- haired breeds very important the correct body. It has to be strong, light weight hound whose height at withers, male 60 to 70 cm and female 58 to 62 cm.

The head is rather delicate, dry and moderately long. The skull is to be headed slightly domed and not too broad. The nose can be black or red, not brown liver. Given the very bright colour of the coat may be nose sparsely pigmented black, so that through weak pigmentation shines red colour, and therefore, the resulting optical impression russet.

Eyes should be properly open, dark, lively expression, eye rims are black or red (applies to them what the nose). The earlobes should be suspended, medium length, by a French Hound slightly higher by the skull. Flat against the head and the bottom of the corkscrew are slightly twisted.

The tail should be long and strong, sometimes covered on the bottom of slightly longer hair.

The chest must be very deep and quite narrow, weak points are rolled up slightly, relatively long. The forelegs should be larger than the pelvis. They must be strong in position vertical ground, burly, but not coarse bones. The feet have to be closed (with fingers tightly knit), rounded shape.

The coat should be short, smooth fitting by the touch rough, often harsh. Colouring can be white, beige (light coffee) or white stained jacket to pale orange or lemon yellow.

Faults include aggression or fearfulness, muzzle too short, excessively long or very narrow, black or red coat colour in the characters. Pronounced undershot jaw disqualifies the individual, but max. 1.2 cm undershot at dog show is not a reason for disqualification.