Welsh Terrier


Welsh Terrier - Group III. - Terriers, Section 1 - Large and medium sized Terriers.

General Appearance:

This is an intelligent, kind, obedient and easy to train. This breed is happy and joyful, playful and fearless, watchful. In any case, it is not aggressive, it is always ready when it is needed it is able to defend itself. It loves its owner, and especially children, that may be a suitable partner for the game. It may be well with older children, even wilder ones. With temperament, it is richly endowed by nature, it does not bother.

It is curious and it likes everything thoroughly explored. It is very courageous. During its activity it is not only required plenty of exercise but also an opportunity for some regular work. Very useful it is the agility and training. Dog sports suitable for its size. It can learn easily.


The task of the trainer is made training interesting for dog. Try keep dog´ s focus and concentration. It means that the exercise that is not passing, they will not be repeated too long. It is appropriate to try other, that securely controls the dog and after appropriate positive motivation (praise, a treat) it is possible to return to the problematic practice.

If it must be alone at home, dog should have a larger number of different toys, the most modern and interactive, which is useful from time to time vary, so that it could seize and started out of boredom and loneliness, destroying furnishings. Permanent housing in an outdoor pen for this breed it is definitely not ideal. In essence, it is bored and miserable.

Because it was originally bred for hunting foxes and badgers´ burrowing, i.e. to work underground, where it always had to cope alone, it is sufficiently independent. It likes to be governed by its own judgment, and therefore cannot be expected from this breed blind slavish obedience. In spite of it can be easy to raise very easy trained dog. The owner, however, must be especially gently but relentlessly consistent, he should not miss assertiveness, natural authority and patience. Any inconsistency or weakness this breed can abuse. Although it was originally a decidedly working dog it performs very well even as a man´s companion.


Dog is perfectly balanced and compact body. Height at withers must not exceed 39 cm, weight of body is 9 - 9.5 kg.

The skull is flat above, the earlobes appropriately broad. The frontal slope (stop) should not be too steep. Muzzle should be from stop to nose medium length. Nose must be black. Jaws strong, chiselled, strong enough and capable of a solid grip. The teeth are large, with a perfect regular scissor bite, upper six incisors just covers six down ones, both of which are embedded in the jaws.

Eyes should be relatively small, properly stored in eyecups, dark colours. Their expression is indicative of temperament of the individual. Round and or bulging eyes are undesirable. The earlobes should be a "V", a small, very thin and quite high, banked and carried forward so that tightly fitting inner edges of the cheeks.

The neck should be moderately long and strong in the neck slightly arched merging harmoniously into the shoulders. Back is short, loin is strong. The tail is docked (unless it is contrary to the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act). It can also be docked. It must be properly placed and carried upwards, but never curled over the back. Undocked tail has an overall balance of the dog also has to be carried upwards, but not over the back flipped.

The chest should be moderately deep and moderately broad, formed properly sprung ribs. The forelegs are straight and muscular, strong bones. Shoulders should be long, sloping. Metacarpus must be fixed vertically to ground.

The hindquarters are strong, muscular thighs, the appropriate length, ankle sufficiently strong, properly bent low over the base. Feet should be small, round, called-cat.

For movements directed action and hind legs straight ahead, while the legs are parallel to each other. The elbows should be fitted to the body, but moving freely. Knees should not be in or out.

Hair is wiry, hard, very close and abundant. Single coat is undesirable. Colour: Black and tan for preference, or black grizzle and tan, free from black pencilling on toes. Black below hocks most undesirable.