Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen


Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen - Group VI - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 1 - Small sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

Character is a loyal, independent, obedient, cheerful, lively, lively, resourceful, sociable, sensitive, but also confident dog. With other dogs and even cats and other domestic animals, it gets very well - if at an early age it is properly socialized. It is helpful to children, but if they are not well behaved it is better when this dog is keeping away.

It loves to move, but when  it is not hunting, it is  forced by strong  hunter's instinct ,it  almost constantly  searches  and makes  the tracking . Therefore, it needs to have a walk on a leash. It is best to leave free run on completely fenced property, or while it is hunting. It is an excellent hunting dog for hunting with a firearm in a medium-large hunting ground. Dog is exceptional toughness and courage. It's fast enough and passionate.

It has a resonant voice and literally loves bramble and scrub. Today it is used for hunting all furred animals, from hares to a wild boar. When it is hunting, it is doing so with regard to shortened limbs and with great endurance and stamina. Because it is very independent like most hounds which is usually unfairly classified as stubbornness or obstinacy.


Is it necessary to keep consistency with the kind help of positive stimulation (compliments, treats) for handling from an early age. Its education requires patience and above all consistency. It follows from the fact that the dog is not suitable for everyone. Owner cannot be successful with training methods that he used for other hunting dog. It cannot be expected from it or required slavish obedience. When there is correct procedure, it is possible to train the dog   by easy way. Owner cannot expect slavish obedience, but according correct educational procedures this breed can become great hunting and companion dog


This is a balanced and elegant dog of a rectangular with straight legs, body building typical Basset Hound. It certainly must not resemble a Petitt Basset Griffon Vendeen. Height at withers male  is  40 to 44 cm , female is 39 to 43 cm.

The head should be above the domed, not too broad, elongated skull shaped well (forfeited) under the eyes, which must never be rough. Occipital part is palpable. The frontal slope (stop) should be clearly defined. Muzzle square at longer than the skull. The nasal bridge is slightly curved (with a hint of light down faced). The nose performs in front of the lips must be large and open nostrils. It should be black, but white and orange subjects tolerated nose brownish colour (with sparse black pigment).

The upper lip should be fairly deep, covers the lower jaw and supplies the muzzle end desired angular shape. Coat the lips to form a distinct beard. Jaws must be very strong, scissor bite is required.

The eyes are oval shaped, large, dark. White part of eye cannot be visible. The view is friendly and intelligent. The edges of the eyelids should fit closely to the eyeballs, conjunctiva must not be revealed. The earlobes must be set below the eye line and stretched forward must extend beyond the tip of their nose. They are suspended, supple and narrow, fine, covered with long hair at the ends of elongated oval shape.

The neck is long and powerful, very muscular, with stronger shoulders, neck with no dewlap. The body must be Basset typically elongated, but not overly long. Withers is very little noticeable. The back should be long, broad and really straight, never be uttered (concave). Section of topline is rising slightly towards the loin. These are strong, very muscular and slightly arched. Hipbones stand out clearly.

The tail is set high, rather long, thick at the root towards the tip narrows considerably. It may be carried sickle-like or slightly curved arch, but never curled over the back or curled at the tip.

The chest should be broad enough and deep, reaching to the elbows. They may be either turned in or out. The forearms are strong wrists firm and very little obvious.

The wrist joint when viewed from the front must never be in a position to touch each other.

The hindquarters are strong, straight seen from behind. Thighs should be powerfully muscled but not too rounded. Their bones and joints are strong. Hocks should be wide when viewed from the side properly angulated, never have to be steep. Seen from behind, nor the convergent or divergent. Feet are strong and closed-padded solid and strong nails. Adequate pigmentation of pads and nails is highly desirable. The movement must be persistent and light, easy and harmonious.

Leather is strong enough for tricolour coloured individuals often mottled. No dewlap at the throat. Coat rough, not too long and the adjacent area, it must never be silky or woolly- i.e. feathering on the backs of the forelegs should not be too rich. Neither the abdomen nor inner thighs must be bare. Eyebrows well pronounced but not covering the eyes.

The colouring can be black-and-white-spotted black and tan (with vibrant or bright badges), white-orange-spotted, tricolour (orange with black mantle and white spots), orange with black cast (caused by the black end of some top coat), sandy-yellow with black and a hint of white spots, sandy-yellow with a black tint. Usually by the number of black ends of hair and their corresponding overall hue colouring called orange fawn or sandy-yellow colour with a hint of black paint rabbit, wolf, badger or boar.

Faults include too short head, above flat skull, short muzzle, de-pigmentation of the nose, lips and eye rims, even bite, bright eyes, ears set high, short, insufficiently Corkscrew or little feathered body too long, very short or disproportionate, insufficiently rigid section of topline, sloping croup, tail carried on one side or the other, weak bones or steep angulations, hocks too convergent, flabby (stepped down) pasterns insufficiently thick or fine hair, incredulity. The gross defects includes a total lack of distinctiveness, overshot or undershot jaw i.e. glazed ( "Porcelain", very bright, whitish) eyes, multicoloured iris (differently coloured eyes), chest at the bottom (near the sternum) is too narrow.