Sealyham Terrier


Sealyham Terrier - Group III. - Terriers.

General Appearance:

The future of Sealyham Terrier in fact ensured that the original aim of breeding Cpt. Edwards was not reached. But because it was generally known, the breed was quite a long time considered as a very sharp and aggressive. But it is not at all true. Thanks Edward’s followers this dog did not become a bad, attacking breed.

However, even if it is long time mostly exclusively companion breed, it is still showing hunting abilities and skills. It has excellent sense of smell and certain sharpness. You cannot play any tricks with this dog but it ever attack without purpose. It is an independent, self-confident, proud, energetic, tenacious, skillful and playful, alert and fearless, but never vicious.

The owner and his family it is wholly devoted and loyal to familiar people friendly, oblivious to the unknown too. It's very clever, hilarious and beloved companion. Without the least bit pushy, it is subtly but noticeably grateful for the attention that is devoted to its person. Sometimes it needs in actions showed some clown features. Certainly not gaudy, but if it is attacked, it defends hard and much larger attacker. However it is unexpectedly agile and nimble.


It requires systematic early socialization and entirely benign, but totally consistent training. It needs the owner who is quiet, sober, that his actions as such. It does not know what owner wants, although it is certain that it understands very well, this owner cannot be upset, owner must be kind, but unyielding perseverance of this specific form of "banter" overcome. The punishment would not be the right reaction, because the part of the dog is actually a man's attempt to "outwit". Just because the current situation accusingly or gaily but it is not menacing spoken agreement.

Well mannered dog is otherwise responsive and manoeuvrable and to the owner it does not do shame even the best society. With regard to the environment then it behaves very dignity. It knows by itself what is correct and what not. It does not belong to the most numerous breeds, but maintains a steady small adjoining loyal circle of admirers.

About its hair is difficult to care. Basic pure white colour must be the whitest, otherwise it looks scruffy and regular grooming is necessary and it is not so simple. They must emphasize the breed characteristics and it must not resemble other Terriers breeds. Not everyone who is engaged in grooming dogs, not every professional groomer is able to care well about its coat, i.e. for dog show, etc.


It is a balanced dog of considerable substance in the whole not large dimensions. The format of the body is rectangular, which is a legacy of the basset hound. Height at withers should not exceed 31 cm, perfect bodies. Wight of body is about 9 kg male for females about 8.2 kg. The main thing is not universal harmony and proportionality of body building, and the type of substance. It should never look "tiny".

The head is slightly arched above the earlobes and reasonably broad skull. Muzzle square, powerful and long. It is based on the jaw with a mighty push. Nose must be black.

Teeth are regularly organized and strong, and down and upper canines in fits and in proportion to the overall size are long. It requires a perfect scissor bite, which means that upper teeth closely overlapping down ones, both of which are square to the jaws. Protruding cheek bones, cheeks should be flat.

Eyes should be dark, properly stored neither sunken nor bulging and slightly rounded shape medium size. Dark pigmented edges of the eyelids are preferred but un-pigmented tolerated.

The earlobes are medium sized, slightly rounded at the tops, hanging, attached to the cheek.

The neck is fairly long, strong and muscular and flows into the shoulders. Body should be moderately long, flexible spine is straight, broad chest, and reaches deep between the forelegs. Ribs are properly sprung.

The tail is docked (if the act is not prohibited by law on protection of animals). When docked, should be moderately long, strong and rounded at the end. It is carried upward, set at the upper line of the body so that when viewed from the side, its root in front of the rear legs. Undocked should be medium length and overall balance of the dog. At the root must be strong, towards the tip tapers. May not be the root flipped over the back, curled or twisted.

The forelegs are short, strong and as straight as possible, so that your elbows when viewed from the front were just on imaginary perpendiculars running out of their sockets. Moderately sloping shoulder blade lies close against the chest. The elbows should be fitting to the body. They must be neither turned in nor out.

The hindquarters are in proportion to the size of the dog remarkably strong. The thighs should be broad and muscular. Knees bent properly, hocks strong, moderately bent. Fetlocks when viewed from behind parallel. Feet are round, i.e. cat, with full padded. Pointing straight forward, there should not be turned in or out. The movement is lively, energetic with hearty limbs events.

The body coat consists of a top coat and undercoat. The outer coat is long, hard and wiry undercoat weather-resistant. Coat colour may be white any shade or white with lemon yellow, tan (standard FCI said the brown colour of characters not in terms of genetics, perhaps, because the nose must be of the same standard, always black), blue or badger-coloured markings on head and earlobes. Deep black spots are undesirable as well as dense dotting the white areas.