Golden retriever


Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs - Group VIII.

General Appearance:

Golden Retriever's temperament is perfectly balanced, intelligent, reliable, kind, obedient, hardworking, industrious, adaptable, gentle, friendly, trusting and friendly, totally non-aggressive dog, so it is easy to manage. Its demeanour is calm, thoroughly good-natured, never nervous, not spoil the good mood and the nature is obedient, it does not tolerate harsh treatment.

It is necessary that at all times owner must pay attention to this breed at least minimally. It is very well tolerated with children because it is incredibly patient and good-natured, children need to be vigilant to it. It's playful even in high age. To the strangers is friendly with other dogs, too. It does not make any conflicts or seeking the problems, but it is not certainly fearful or even coward.

It is suitable for beginners who must only avoid basic mistakes such as inconsistency effort or asked something it never learnt before, frequently changing requirements, impatience or choleric behaviour.


Even it is expressly sociable dog Golden Retriever never lost anything of its hunting instinct, it was originally used for work, after the shooting, bringing a wild game animals and this small field and feathered water wild animals, particularly ducks.

It has an excellent sense of smell soft and into the water it goes with high enthusiasm. It is able to find shot deer safely even in the thickest vegetation cover. It works willingly and gladly. It is proved even with non-hunting work, e.g. dog customs services, dog rescue, guide dog for blind people, assistance dog for deaf people and severely disabled. Thank to extraordinary empathy it is excellently suited to canistherapy, it is versatile breed, however, it is useless to try to from it as hard defender. It never will be. It loves movement and all sorts of activities, with real enthusiasm it loves all job, game, sport.


It's a dog symmetrical, balanced body, strong and active, the slick moves and noble pleasing appearance with kindly expression. Height at withers, male is 56 to 61 cm and females from 51 to 56 cm.

The head is balanced and well-chiselled skull should be broad but not coarse, firmly attached to the neck. The frontal slope (stop) is pronounced, sloping. The muzzle should be strong, broad and deep; its length corresponds approximately to the distance from the track to the top of the occiput.

The nose should be black.

Jaws strong, with perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, which means that 6 upper incisors closely overlapping down teeth 6, both of which are set square in the jaws.

Eyes should be dark brown, fairly wide apart, the edges of the eyelids are dark, ears should be medium-sized, roughly equal to line the eyes.

Neck is the proper length, clean and muscular. Body has to be balanced, neither too big, nor weak. Topline of body straight, shoulders are strong, muscular and short and "tied", firmly connect the spine to the croup. The tail should be set on and carried level with the topline of the body, reaching to hocks, and the end is not curled.

The chest should be deep enough to provide ample space lungs, the ribs are long, arched accordingly. The forelegs should be straight, strong bones.

Shoulders should be long, right oblique, so that their tops upwards and backwards, shoulder bones are the same length as the shoulder blade, and thus are in the position of a free in veterinary position of the legs (from elbow to feet), just below the body. Elbows close to your chest. The hindquarters must be strong and muscular. Knees bent properly. Lower thigh should be moderately long, hocks low to the substrate. They must point directly backwards, nor the divergent or convergent.

Feet should be round, the gait is vigorous and hearty. Step should be elongated and loose, without excessive stroke of the forelegs.

The coat is long, straight or wavy, dense undercoat, water-proof. Richly and are long feathered ears, back of the legs (called pants) and the underside of the tail. Coat colour may be different, in all shades of gold or cream. It should never be neither red nor mahogany. The coat requires regular care.