Irish Water Spaniel


Flushing, Retrievers and water dogs - Group VIII

General Appearance:

Character is proud, honest, intelligent, unexpectedly courageous, determined and confident, friendly with people at home, but suspicious of strangers.

But it is never aggressive. It has a reputation among Spaniels as a clown. It can be sweet, gentle, sensitive, cheerful, loyal and attentive companion.
It is a faithful and loyal, loves its family members. When it was at the young age broadly and systematically socialized and it had plenty of options if it become accustomed, getting along well with children and small pets. It barks a little, practically only when it wants to warn the owner, and it is an extent a reliable watchdog.

Originally it used to hunt aquatic game birds. It easily adapts to all kinds of hunting with a firearm, it has an excellent sense of smell, reliably and consistently of tracing wounded game animals and happily fetches all even in the wildest bushes. When it is hunting, it connects its cleverness and vitality with passion, perseverance and incredible work vigour.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It learns easily, but because of its cleverness trying to perform tasks as simple as possible, which it often gives the impression of disobedience. You cannot expect slavish obedience, because of dog´s character and smarts neither expected nor required. It's working, it is interested in any job, whether it's hunting or sports training.

It requires a lot of movement are necessary hearty regular daily walks. In order to coat was in first-class condition, it is necessary to have the opportunity as often as possible, preferably daily, bath in clean water in nature. It is a perfect swimmer and regular swimming needs for its good physical condition and mental status.


Dog with very typical appearance, stocky but elegant, well-built, sturdy and solid physique. A height at withers male is 53 to 59 cm and females from 51 to 56 cm.

On the head, the skull must have the appropriate size. The skull is high, arched dome above, the length and width. It must be large enough. Veil of hair on its upper side consists of long dangling curls covering the crown and strikes fairly far forward toward the muzzle. Between the eyes extending to roughly bounded by a pointed wedge. Not even remind wig or end on the forehead straight. The frontal slope (stop) is gradual and the entire facial region must be completely covered with short hair and only on the back of the lower jaw consists of longer hair growing in the narrow strip a "beard".

Muzzle long, strong, rather square. The nose should be large, expressive, dark brown colour. Teeth are strong incisors form a regular scissor bite.

Eyes should be relatively small, almond shape, colour and dark amber to deep chestnut brown, intelligent expression.

The earlobes are hanging very long, set low, covered with long curly hair. Immediately fitting to the cheek.

The neck is fairly long, strong, arched gracefully in the neck. Carrying head high enough above the top line of the body and must be firmly embedded in the shoulder. The body is adequately large, strong and muscular. The back should be short, broad and straight, tightly coupled with strong, broad shoulders. The chest is deep and has generally barrel-shaped, which is due to strong spring of ribs.

The tail is strong at the root, and even thick, towards the end tapers and ends with a fine tip. Since the development is covered with a length of 7.5 - 10 cm short fuzzy hair, and the remainder covers short, smooth, tight-fitting coat. It should not be too long, it does not reach the hock. It should be straight, almost level with the top line of the body.

The forelegs have strong sloping shoulder blade. Their loose parts are straight, strong bone. Forearms should be viewed from the side on the vertical line running from the faucet and extending the elbows.

The hindquarters are strong, properly bent knees, hocks low to the substrate. Feet should be large, more rounded shape, quite wide, densely feathered top and in between the toes. Coat cannot be long, but projects beyond their borders.

The coat should be curly, very dense. Consists of guard hair coiled tightly closed rings (curls). Coat should never remind wave structure and must be naturally oily. The back and sides of the neck should be covered with fuzzy hair as a whole body. The throat is a short hair coat that forms a smooth surface shape of the letter "V", which begins under the lower jaw and extends to the breast bone.

The forelegs are heavily coated on all sides, the front, however, is a little shorter hair on the hind legs and short hair starts from the front below the hocks, but the back is longer and forms the instep rich "fringing" dating back to the feet. Coat colour is uniform, rich, dark (chocolate) brown.