Deerhound - Group X - Sighthounds, Section 2 - Rough-haired Sighthounds.

General Appearance:

It's big, majestic, sociable dog, a little distant, seemingly cautious and closed, but never downright suspicious, timid, shy or even aggressive. Its character is gentle, calm, friendly, obedient, docile, diligent, balanced and supple, from this breed is shining seriousness and a certain unpretentious grandeur. Its pride and dignified behaviour dramatically highlights the overall appearance. It is never nervous or fearful, it is well aware of its strength and speed.

It loves the family members of its owner and it tries very hard to please them. It is often "one-man dog" on which it is fixed and it is absolutely faithful and devoted. It is peaceful, in any event it does not seek skirmishes and conflicts with other dogs, it tolerates with them well. Although it is not too playful, with kids it behaves tolerant, friendly and generous, sometimes willing to play with them. Despite its positive relationship with the owner typically this breed does not seek the possibility of direct contact, it is sufficient if it can effectively be under one roof.

It does not even watch the inclination or guard, peacefully and with the inherent dignity it welcomes every visit. Due to its character foundation it is often use for canistherapy, especially in autistic patients, which by its unshakable calm, and that alone virtually makes  no activity against them it is , "provoking" these patients  make any  contact, which it receives with  stoically calm and  "forcing "the others. It may also participate in dog racing, both on the track and in the field.


It is extremely sensitive, and therefore in the education necessary to deal with it, although consistently, but with understanding and sensitivity, kindly and gently.

Because it is malleable, obedient, docile, relatively well-to-use and intelligent, its upbringing does not represent any particular difficulties. In fact obedient, absolute slavish obedience from this breed, however, nobody can expect or require. It is therefore not a dog for everyone.  It requires the owner who is calm, prudent and capable of empathy, person who does not tend to choleric outbursts and rash decisions.

It is not suitable to keep this breed in outdoor pen but we must count on large space for this breed and it usually chooses the right place for relax itself. If it is bred as a racing dog, it is needed regular fitness training. This can be a daily hearty, long and sharp pace, walks with the dog on a leash. All walks in the country it is necessary to have a leash because its hunting instinct is still very strong.


Physique must be an expression of the unique combination of strength, speed and endurance. The minimum height at the withers should be 76 cm by  male and  female is  71 cm. Weight of body , male is about  45.5 kg and female about 36.5 kg.

The head should be long, the skull above a flat rather than domed, and very faintly outlining the zygomatic arches. It is widest between the earlobes and toward orbit slightly tapering. The frontal slope (stop) according to standard completely absent, in fact, it is barely outlined, very gentle.

Muzzle should be a line from the inner corners of the eye toward the nose significantly narrowed. Nasal bridge towards the nose slightly bent, forming a slight down faced. Nose must be black. Dark coloured hair (i.e. mask) on the muzzle is preferred especially in otherwise light-coloured individuals. Lips must fit snugly across the jaw and teeth. Jaws should be strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.

The eyes have a dark colour from dark brown to hazel. Light coloured iris is undesirable. The edges of the eyelids must be black. Ears should be high and in repose folded back, the smaller the better. They are covered by touch short, soft, shiny coat reminiscent of "mouse fur". The neck should be strong, adequately long, covered with hair forming the "mane". This makes the looks shorter than it really is. On the neck must not be even a hint lobe must be very dry.

Wholly undesirable is equal to the upper body lines. Loin must be adequately arched backwards slope to the tail. Croup is sloping, broad and strong. Tail length is required. It should reach almost to the ground. The position is hanging straight down or curved, bent on the move, higher carried, but never above the topline of the body.

The chest should be deeper than it is wide, but not too narrow, or even flat. Free part of the forelegs from the elbow to the foot is straight when viewed from the side of a wide, when viewed from the front slim. Elbows should not be turned in or out. The hindquarters are in the game from hip to hock very long when viewed from side wide. Their bones are on the imaginary cross-sectional oval shape. Knees should be bent properly. Feet should be compact and joint fingers properly constructed, not turned in or out, strong nails.

Preference is given to hair, which consists of harder and softer guard hairs and is longer rough. Body hair, neck and hindquarters are thick and wiry, on the head, chest and abdomen to be significantly softer. On the backs of front and hind legs form a long thin "fringing".

Colouration may be blue-grey, dark grey to tan or brindle. Especially in yellow, sand or red fawn should be in the face mask and blacken or nearly black even earlobes and late feathering on the legs and tail. Rather small white markings on the front chest, feet and very small tip of tail are permissible, bald head is inadmissible as the white "collar" around its neck.