Segugio Italiano


Segugio Italiano - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

It is obedient, calm and sober in all circumstances nobly, which are characteristics that rightfully gained a reputation sweet, mild, moderate spirited social dog. It is friendly, soft, but at the same time with proud look it is rather melancholy. Sometimes it is criticized by certain wilfulness, but it is a semblance arising from misunderstanding. It needs to live with people. It gets well with other dogs and children, when dog got an early youth proper socialization.


It is an intelligent and sensitive dog. Therefore, in the education and training owner must proceed calmly, gently, kindly, though quite consistently. Harsh treatment it hates, who would want to (e.g. if the impression that it’s seeming stubbornness break) act this way, certainly its temperament will be destroyed, it becomes sad and unhappy dog, during hunting will be practiced almost unusable because although it works, dog is afraid of its owner. Although it at first sight, it requires a lot of movement, but also some mental work.


It is a dog of medium size, square body frame, balanced, perfectly symmetrical and harmonious construction, the size of the individual parts must be in harmony in the whole. Height at withers male is from   52 to 60 cm and in female is from 50 to 58 cm, weight of body is from 20 to 28 kg male and 18-26 kg is female. In the otherwise by excellent individuals tolerate deviation height at withers + / -2 cm.

The head is elongated, its length corresponds to 4/10 height at withers. The nose should be large, cold and wet, and always black when viewed from the side exits before the vertical line of the upper lip. Wide open nostrils, nasal wings moving.

Jaws look robustly and will normally be formed. Arches incisors at each other perfectly primes. The teeth are white, appropriate size, arranged in one continuous line. A full set of teeth and scissor bite, pincer is also permissible.

The eyes are large, expressive, almond-shaped, dark ochre, stored in eyecups quite far apart. The connector inner eye corners must be equally distant from the tip of the nose from the rear point of the occipital part. The view is fascinating, soft, proud and a little sad or pensive. Eyelids tightly fitting to the eyeballs and their edges must be black.

The earlobes are reasonably broad bases deployed in the amount of zygomatic arch, hanging, triangular, almost the entire length of the flat and very wide. Their length is 66-70% head length. The ends are sharply pointed. Although thin, must be fixed along the entire length.

The tail should be set high, in line at the stern. At the root it is stronger than for short-haired Italian Hound. Along the entire length must be coated without any longer guard hairs ( "brushes"). In repose carried hanging down, like sabre, the movement oscillates from side to side about level with the top line of the body. While lightly touching the groin and sometimes circular rotates. It is so long that it reaches the hock.

Length of hair at the back should not be greater than 5 cm. The hair is noticeably thick with the exception of the head, including the muzzle (except the mandible), and earlobes, legs and tail. At these locations is less coarse than on the trunk. On the muzzle should be formed adequately beard and long hair. Bony ridges above the coat is longer and forms eyebrows, which falls over his eyes and does not hide it.

To negative defects counts aggression or fearfulness, uttered (convex) muzzle, prevailing de-pigmentation of the nose and eye rims, glass (off white) eyes, undershot lower jaw of tails (anuria), bobtail (brachyura), docked tail.