Blue Gascony Griffon


Blue Gascony Griffon - Group VI - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

It's a dog with bright character, energetic, its owner faithful and loyal, but at the same time it is also very sensitive. With children it is getting well, but it is better if it can get used to know them already from the puppy age. It is able compatible with other dogs, therefore it is able to work without problems in the pack.

Because of its  hunting instinct that  is very strong, but it is not good  to live in a society of   small animals kept as pets, for this breed , all represent potential prey. It is necessary to constantly remember e.g. even when walking to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

It is considered a breed that is unfit to city apartment. Literally it is bursting with energy and it is the best to have this breed in the fenced garden, where you can satisfy its need for movement.


In addition to early socialization it urgently needs kindly, but utterly consistent training. Particularly spirited individuals should only get into the hands calm and patient owners, gifted by natural authority and who are able at any time to exercise peacefully.


This is a rough-coated dog rustic look and solid physique. Height at withers is from 50 to 57 cm and female is from 48 to 55 cm.

Head when viewed from the front slightly above the arched not too broad skull. The nose should be black, large, with correspondingly wide nostrils. Scissor bite is required. The teeth must be planted vertically in the jaws.

Eyes should be oval shaped dark maroon colour, clear and vivid view. The earlobes are suspended, smooth, and set below the eye-line. Towards the highlights of the bottling corkscrew slightly inward and the ends are slightly pointed. Stretched forward must extend to the base of the nose, but not over the top.

Tail is quite hairy and reaches right to the hock. It has to be set in the correct amount and carried gaily (upward), like sickle.

The chest must be suitably shaped by ribs must be sprung, but not too much, not be barrel-shaped. The forelegs are strong, but not coarse, in a position perpendicular to the substrate.

The hindquarters should be adequately strong, the position perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Feet should be oval in shape, fingers dry and tight. The pads and claws are black.

Skin is quite strong, flexible, black or strongly mottled (black spots) may never be completely bright. Visible mucous membranes are black.

The hair is rough, hard, shaggy, its head slightly shorter. Eyebrows must be significant but should not obscure the eyes. Much shorter and smooth the hair on the earlobes.

Coat colour is required bluish slate (which causes mixing of black and white guard hairs) with different sized patches to "patches" black or without them. Two black "plates" are usually the sides of the head, covering the ears and the game ends around the eyes and on the cheeks. At the top of the head are not connected, separates the narrow white blaze, the centre of which is often breed typical small black stain oval shape (spot). Above the eyes are two lighter or darker tan markings, creating a perception of “quatroeuillé”. More are on the cheeks, the lips, the inside of the ears, feet and around the anus.

Faults  include too short head, excessively broad skull, short muzzle, ears excessively long or too hairy, light brown eyes, haw too long body , soft topline body overbuilt (higher than withers), crooked or too short tail.