Japanese-chin Group IX. - Companion and Toy Dogs, Section 8 - Japan Chin and Pekingese

General Appearance:

It is intelligent, smart, gentle temperament, always gentle, subtle ways, infinitely lovable. Although it has its pride, it can also be appropriately cheerful and playful, but it is never wild. It loves comfort - the opportunity to share with the owner sofa or chair is almost a condition of its joy of life and satisfaction. It can follow its owner everywhere there is no risk of embarrassment.

With other dogs and other pets including cats, it is getting well. Children who want to play with it, they should know that they must be nice, kind a careful. Adults must understand why there is this attitude.

Temperament & Behaviour:

The education must be coherent but entirely friendly and kind, punishment does not solve anything, on the contrary, it can lose its confidence in owner, it is enough speak up. This dog will understand well it is sensitive. It tends to meet the owner, eventually its disobedience is merely a misunderstanding. Intonation must be clear, however mild intensity. Shout at it is useless, it can be afraid of it.

This breed suits into the smallest urban dwellings and the movement is not particularly challenging, but sometime longer walks are suitable. With respect to shortening of the muzzle it harder tolerates the environment of high temperature and humidity. At that time, it is advisable not to expose the heavy physical exertion.


This is a small dog with broad face, rich, elegant, graceful body. The body length is equal to height at withers, which means that the body frame should be square, females tend to be somewhat longer. Height at withers, male is 25 cm, females are slightly smaller.

The skull is broad and rounded, arched above. The frontal slope (stop) is distinctive, headlong. Muzzle should be short and wide. The nose is at eye level and can be black or deep red flesh colour, according to the characters in black coat- by dogs with black markings, red in individuals with red. The nostrils should be open enough.

The teeth are white and relatively strong level bite desirable, but also admit to scissor bite or undershot jaw. The eyes are large and round, far apart stored in the sleeve, black and shiny. The earlobes should be long, wide apart, triangular, hanging, covered with long hair.

The tail should be carried up over the stern twisted and covered with beautiful, profuse and long hair.

It is silky, straight and long. Whole body except face and front sides of the limbs had to be covered especially on long earlobes, neck, thighs and tail. In the face and front of legs is short.

Colouration may be white with black or white with red markings. Welcome symmetrical layout of characters around eyes, earlobes and the whole body. Desirable wide white stripe (blaze) extending from the white muzzle on the upper side of the skull.

Faults include all deviations from the requirements of the standard. They must be evaluated strictly according to severity. These include the nose of any other colour than black in white-black individuals, undershot jaw, irregular or wry mouth, pure white coat with no markings, only one (asymmetric) colourful character in its face, shyness.