Chow Chow


Chow Chow - Group V - Spitz and orimitive types, Section 5 - Asian Spitz and related breeds.

General Appearance:

The appearance and temperament is unique, unmistakable and distinctive character of companion dog. It is calm, fearless, independent and loyal to the owner, but also proud, independent, confident and very reserved, generally suspicious of strangers. It is never intrusive or even intrusive.


It is the ideal people’s companion, who loves calm, sober and balanced, talented natural authority, patient, who prefers quiet activity not bursting a little distant companion, that also it has no exaggerated claims in length walks.

During its education owner must be very patient. It is not a breed for beginners. Early socialization and training is particularly important - it must be nonviolent, gradual and widest. Training is important by positive stimulation and intonation. That it is a good guardian characterized by a fairly dominant behaviour, it may result not only in relation to other dogs but also to some people. It is considered as the typical "one-man dog." With older children it has good relationship, but better to control mutual game by parents.

High summer temperatures and high humidity must be physically overloaded, dog should be able to relax on a relatively cool place, and certainly it should not be forced to some unnecessary activity. In the dusty towns or in the pollen season, you must rinse at least 1 per day thoroughly clean eyes with water for dog’s eyes.


It has to be hefty, but well moving dog compact body, perfectly balanced, short body frame, "lion" appearance, proud and dignified posture, with typical stilting movement. Height at withers, male is 48 to 56 cm and in female from 46 to 51 cm.

The skull should be flat above a broad, well filled under the eyes. The frontal slope is steep, the muzzle should be moderately long, well and sufficiently broad from eyes to nose should never be pointed at the end like a fox. The nose is large and wide, black, with cream and near white colour when it may be lighter for individuals blue and beige (i.e. cinnamon) it suits with the colour of coat.

Ideally, the edges of the lips, mouth including palate, gums and inner surfaces of the lips uniformly dark black or blue-black. In individuals with blue or beige (cinnamon) coat colour may be blue or beige lips and in individuals cream and white coloured may be even brighter. Tongue must be blue-black. Teeth should be strong and healthy, powerful jaws with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.

Eyes should be dark, oval shaped, medium sized. In blue and beige colour individuals, iris coat colour. The earlobes are small, erect, thick, slightly rounded at the tips, solid, very broadly deployed, tilted over his eyes somewhat.

The neck should be strong, powerful, should never be too short. The neck is slightly arched and flows into the shoulders. The back is required short, straight and strong, loin is huge. The tail should be high set, carried upward inclining over the stern.

The chest is broad and deep, ribs must be well sprung. The forelegs are perfectly straight, moderate length, strong bones. Shoulders are muscular and sloping, forearms are perfectly straight, strong bones. Feet should be small, circular in shape, with arched toes. Chow Chow must always stand on toes - paster not be "stepped down".

The hindquarters should be muscular thighs are huge, knees just slightly bent. Legs strong, hocks should be low over the base and only minimally angulated. Hocks are perpendicular to the substrate straight. Movement is odd, stilted, short, loose and persistent.

The hair may be long or short. Long's fluffy, dense, straight and stand-off, but they should never be exaggerated its length. Hair of top coat having a relatively rough texture, undercoat is soft and dense. Particularly rich is the hair on the neck where it forms a "mane" or "collar", and on the back of the thighs, where it forms called-pants.

For short hair is typically short, abundant, dense, straight, upstanding fur plush texture, which should never be adjacent area. Any intentional reduction of hair is prohibited, cannot, trim the hair around the feet.

Hair colouring can be uniformly black or white, but also red, blue, beige (cinnamon), cream, and various shades, but not patchy or multi-coloured. The lower part of the tail and back of thighs is often lighter, but this does not for multiple colours. Regular maintenance of hair is essential and must be accustomed to it from their earliest youth.  Hair is long with a special comb combing long hair and then comb with shorter, denser pins.

Faults should be considered as a fault and must be judged strictly according to the degree of expression and the impact on health and well-being. To negative defects are mainly aggressiveness and fearfulness.