Moscow Watch Dog


N - FCI non-recognized breeds

General Appearance:

Character is a serious, confident, independent, but contact with humans  it is seeking  well-trained dog, which is by nature an emphatic and non corruptible  guard and defensive dog. It is never aggressive without any reason and it is not hurried or sentimental dog. The only reason for its existence considers the protection of the building, which it is entrusted, responsible for   guarding and it defends its owner. It is also endowed with great love and devotion to the owner and members of its family, especially children. To these it is infinitely generous and it lets them enjoy almost anything.


Breeding this dog must be consistent, but not hard. Its physical development takes a relatively long time and ends in comparison to other breeds of the same size much later. It is therefore not necessary, indeed it would be harmful to dog during education and training hurry you need to give a dog time. If it is kept as a companion dog, it is necessary to allow for its early socialization and welcoming, but fierce consistent training. No one should be affect by cute and good-natured appearance of sweet puppy  and neglect early stage of education.

Although beloved owner  it never occurs, owner should remember that when dog´s  physical fund  in adulthood will be huge, even very strong person cannot handle with this dog when it will not be manageable well. It is suitable only for persons who have previous experience with similar breeds not for absolute beginners.

It is extremely resistant to bad weather. It works just as reliably under any climatic conditions. It can be all year round in the outdoor pen, but not all its life. In addition it is the guard also companion of man, desperately it needs every day and longest contact with people that essentially loves. It is not suitable to the cities, but the countryside is remarkably efficient in guarding houses and included lands. Nobody could teach it to guard, it guards by itself perfectly, so it needs carefully fenced area on which it  can be freely unleashed to be able not only watch, but also to have plenty of exercise, which is essential needed for its  development.

If it walks outside the enclosed area it must always be on a leash and with person who has sufficient physical fund to make it reliably maintained even in critical situations.

To be manageable in all situations, it needs only obedience. It learns quickly and has particularly developed memory. In addition to consistency, however, in the education and training necessary motivation, positive, joyful praise and tangible rewards for success, otherwise it needs kind encouragement. Long hair requires regular combing by metal combs.


It's a big, active and agile dog of imposing appearance, harmonious, robust physique, with powerfully muscled, rectangular body frame. Males are larger than females, and both sexes have to be at first look, apart easily recognizable. Height at withers, male is min. 68 cm for female is min. 66 cm, the ideal is considered by male 77 to 78 cm and female by 72 to 73 cm, with no upper limit. The minimum weight of body is 55 kg for males and females 45 kg, but it should be higher.

The head is massive, large, but proportional to the total size. The skull should be broad and deep forehead is slightly arched longitudinal shallow furrow divided into two halves. Browridges be pronounced occipital crest is massive, but powerfully developed muscles are barely noticeable. The frontal slope (stop) must be short, clear steep and deep enough.

The muzzle should be slightly shorter than the skull, bulky, broad and deep. When viewed from the side, the top lines of the skull in the imaginary extension parallel to the line of the muzzle. The nose is big, wide, black coloured.

Lips should be thick, fleshy, but not pendulous, baggy. At the edges have to be black pigment, an upper mouth being closed covers the lower jaw. The jaws are powerful, broad, it requires a complete set of teeth consists of 42 teeth. They must be a large, white, and they fit snugly together. Incisors must be arranged in one line and scissor bite is required. Those teeth that are broken or missing, but do not prevent the determination of the bite, do not affect the evaluation at dog show. The same applies to canines. The zygomatic arches are very prominent.

The eyes should be rather small, dark-u, round shape, deep and far apart deposited in orbit. Pointing straight forward, their gaze is serene, confident. Eyelids should be reasonably dry, no tears, close fitting to eyeballs and their edges must be black.

The earlobes should be smaller, hanging, triangular, rounded tops, set above the eyeline. Leading edge should cling to the cheeks are covered with silky hair.

The neck should be moderately long, on the imaginary cross-section oval shaped, well muscled, adequately carried high, in distinctly arched neck. But not long Throatiness admissible.

Body has to be robust, slightly elongated, well-balanced, symmetrical, large and deep. Withers especially in males are distinctive, high, wide and long, well muscled. The back should be broad, straight, dry and muscular. The chest is wide, long and deep so that it reaches the elbows or a little below. It consists of long arched ribs, which is toward the rear appreciably expanding. The chest is strong, is clearly visible when viewed from the front of the shoulder joints. The abdomen is moderately tucked up.

The forelegs are seen from the front straight and parallel, the blades should be long, sloping. The shoulder bones are properly muscled forearms should be straight, moderate length, massive. Peaks elbows pointing straight backwards, which means that the elbows must not be turned in or out. Pasterns are short, broad and solid, when viewed from the side slightly angled. Feet should be large, round shaped, with thick fleshy and deep pads. Claws can be any colour.

Hindquarters seen from the rear straight and parallel, their position has a wider stance than the forelegs. The pelvis is short, slightly sloping. The thighs are almost as long as the tibia, angulation of the stifle and hock is clear and reasonable. Hock shall be short and wide and perpendicular to the substrate. Feet are oval shaped, closed (with tightly clenched fingers), with fleshy padded and nails of any colour. Dewclaws must be removed.

The loin is short, broad, very muscular, slightly arched. Croup is broad, moderate length, muscular and slightly sloping.

The tail should be strong, deployed in line at the stern. At rest is carried hanging and then reaches the tip of the hock. At the end is slightly curved upward. In alertness rises above the upper line of the body and is curved sickle, to be around evenly coated.

Skin should be thick, but not too loose, Throatiness however permissible. The coat should be contiguous, long and thick. Guard hairs of the outer coat are straight, but on the back, shoulders and rump may be slightly wavy. On the head, front and sides of the distal portions of the legs, hair is short, but behind on his forearms and thighs should be longer as well as on the tail. The undercoat is dense. For males, the coat is richer, which is evident on the neck where it forms a "mane", to "feathering" forefeet, "pants" hindquarters and tail.

Coat colour is mottled white with red, red and black, black-red or sable spots. Presence of red colour is required. The chest must be coloured white as the forelegs from the ground to the elbow and pelvis from the ground after the leg, white is the tip of the tail. On the stern should be spot any of these colours around the eyes should be dark "glasses," earlobes should be black. The head is desirable overall, mostly dark-coloured with dark mask on the face which may also be absent, black "glasses" and dark-coloured earlobes. Has contrasting generally lighter coloured trunk and limbs, which are red patches separate from white base sharp boundaries sable colour.