Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon
Place of Origin:
USA, Canada
Turkish Angora
Breed type:
Semi-haired cat
Body type:
Muscular, slender
5 - 7 kg
Colour variety:
Self-colour, two-colour, with black, blue, red or cream, silvery wit

History: The name of this breed is coming from the state of Maine in the United States where the cat was originated. The coon's pride was then obtained by the tail of this animal. The Maine residents even believed that the cat was a crossbreed of a cat and a raccoon. The ancestors of Maine Coon cats were probably brought to North America by sailors and immigrants from Europe (England and Scandinavia). These were then mixed with shorthaired cats already presented. It is assumed that the breed is related to a Norwegian Forest cat, certainly with Turkish Angora.

Since 1895, it was possible to meet a cat in the United States at cat shows. It was already a very popular breed in America. After the introduction of the Persian Long-haired cat, their popularity began to drop at cat shows. As a pet and this cat beat the pests, but especially in the surroundings of Maine, it was equally popular.

In 1951, the first breeding association was established for this breed and began to organize cat shows exclusively for Maine Coon Cats. Soon, this breed became interesting for European breeders too. Their initial breeding in Europe was initially mainly influenced by Germany.

The official breeding standard for the Maine Coon Cat was not established until 1967, and it took almost ten years for the breed to be recognized by most organizations.

Temperament: These cats are friendly and well-tuned, known for their agility and independence. With other cats generally get very well and there is no the problem with dogs if they meet with them at an early age. They are very friendly to people and children. They are adaptable, so they feel good in almost any environment. In the apartment, however, you have to provide enough opportunities for them not to be bored. They are very playful and curious. They also like to climb, hunt and climb. But it can also be quiet or lazy pet from time to time. And though they are not too loud if they want to show you something, they do not stop using their voice.

Body: It is the largest domesticated breed of cats. The body is muscular, rather longer than tall and it has an angular look. The chest has a broad and straight back. Medium-length muscular legs with heavy, large round paws. There are small hairbrushes between the fingers. The tail is long and hairy. The head has high cheekbones and a strong chin that forms a straight line with the nose and upper lip. The nose is slightly bent, the pointed ears are large and broad in the base. They are set high on their heads, wide apart. Typical of them are hairs of fur running from the inside of the ear out. Labyrinths are required at the tips of the ears. The large eyes are oval in shape and on the head they are slightly oblique.

Care: Their semi-long hair it is self-cleaning, so when brushed once a week, it remains in good condition. Ideal is the use of genuine hair brushes, these synthetic ones can be charged with static electricity. Coat of Maine Coon cats needs more care in spring and summer. At the time of moulting, especially the long hair of the collar and the more frequent brushing, we can prevent the cat from swallowing the long hairs. If you want to participate at cat shows, it may occasionally be necessary to bath it. It is recommended to provide a week or longer before the show, a coat must have time for recovering. An alternative may be to impregnate the animal with a non-perfumed, tartar powder one or two days before the show. After brushing the hair, just brush the powder. The ears are cleaned if necessary. The sharp ends of the claws can be cut.

Coat: The Maine Coon cat has a long thick coat on the stomach, thighs and tail much longer. A collar is also noticeable and desirable. The structure of the finely coalescing coat is colour-dependent. Although in summer the coat is slightly shorter, the tail remains the same length year round. Full-grown hair reaches about two years of age. Over the generations, the Maine Coon has developed a thick fur coat, and is well adapted to unfavourable conditions such as snow and cold.

Colour variants: The Maine Coon cat is found only in natural colours. Various colours and coats of hair like black, blue, red, creamy, tortoise, with white spots, with a patterns or silvery white undercoat, but also pure white are possible. The original type is classic black marble. As with Norwegian Forest cats, however, the distribution of colour and its symmetry are subordinate. There is not high importance of cat´s eye colour. They can be green, green-yellow, copper, or odd-eyed. Pure white cats appear with eyes of orange, blue or unevenly coloured. The most common are Maine Coon cats black marbled or black tiger-ted with white. On the contrary a white cat.