Little Lion Dog


Little Lion Dog -Group XI - Companion and Toy Dogs, Section 1 - Bichons and related breeds.

General Appearance:

Its character is an intelligent light-hearted and playful dog lively and attentive expression, dedicated owners, obedient, responsive and receptive, helpful and happy under almost all circumstances, but also, when necessary, it is quiet and peaceful. Its utterly sincere and gentle perspective, it is obvious that it is trying to understand what the owner expects from it what he wants. It excels in helpfulness, comprehension, empathy, gentleness and friendliness.

It likes the company, people it is welcoming and it is friendly, good with children and patient the adult should keep their eye on game, dog and children, sometime children can bother the dog. It is a learner with a desire to understand and satisfy its owner.

Temperament/ Behaviour:

Its education must be assumed in all circumstances by kindly consistency. Any hint of a harsh approach would be unforgivable. It loves whole heartedly to its owner, but also it needs to be loved. Anyone who is not able, that person should choose other emotionally resilient breed. Thanks to its mildness and social foundation it gets well with strange dogs and domestic pets.

Because it is not only good at learning, but also nimble and agile, it is well suited for agility training, or its size adequate canine sport. It excels remarkable adaptability. It can be an excellent companion and lonely elderly people, living a quiet life, and a member of the extended family living rather colourful and vibrant way of life. It is satisfied with shorter walks, but it can also take part by challenging hikes. It is a great jumper and in heights it behaves with feline agility and confidence.


It is one of the most attractive, the most elegant and even today the rarest Bichon. Body is generally solid, balanced, strong bones and a square body frame. The length of the body from the front edge of the shoulder to point of buttock frying pan that protrudes slightly is equal to the height at the withers. Silhouette of the body (meaning hairless) somewhat resembles a greyhound, it is slim. Height at withers is 26 - 32 cm at a tolerance of + / - 1 cm. Weight of body is about 6 kg.

The head is carried high, relatively short and quite broad in both the skull and the muzzle. The nose is attached to the muzzle, forming a direct continuation. It may be black, dark and fully pigmented, with similarly coloured brown and dark subjects (chocolate, liver) brown. Even in that case it must have a full and rich pigmentation. Teeth are strong, should be complete, scissor bite. The absence of first premolars (P1) is tolerated.

Eyes are facing forward, are large, very dark, round, stored in orbit that are quite far apart. The view must be pointing straight ahead. The eyelid rims should be ticked.
The tail should be set on just below the top line of the body and carried elegantly arched over the back without touching it.

The coat is silky, long, wavy and dense. Undercoat is missing. For the show is necessary. Lion haircut is reminiscent of classic poodle cut. The rear part of the body is cut short as the forearm, only on pastern insteps and tip of the tail is left long hair. Unclipped areas should be completely covered with hair naturally, in no case may be shaped in any way. All colours and combinations are possible.

To negative defects include aggression or shyness, complete or partial de-pigmentation of the nose, lip edges and eyelids, other than black or dark brown colour of the nose, the lack of one or more incisors (I) or one canine (C), lack of more than two nonadjacent teeth (from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th premolars, P2, P3, P4), the absence of two adjacent teeth (from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th premolars, P2, P3, P4), lack of a blockbuster ( i.e. the fourth premolar P4 upper or first molars, M1 below) or another one of stools (excluding third molars M3), overshot or undershot jaw, eyes small, almond shaped, protruding, too light or unevenly coloured, entropion or ectropion (intussusceptions or yawed eyelid margins), earlobes short or no "fringing" into a closed circle curled tail, curly hair too short, waved.